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Written by an British serial expat web monkey currently Living in SE Asia and working in the online gaming (iGaming) business.

Dan calls South East Asia home, having lived and worked in Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines.

Topics posted include travel, wildlife, road trips, web design, Drupal, development & programming, Agile project management and some politics. Aside from this blog you can head over to dangibas.co.uk to find out about Agile training programmes by Dan.

Job Vacancy: Sportsbook Product Specialist
This position is to be based in Makati City – The Philippines. The company is an International, fast paced, progressive & forward thinking operation that is very active in the Asia and UK markets in the online entertainment...
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A tree frog I found in my house
Here are a few facts you should know, if like me, you are an expat in Malaysia or if you are thinking about living in Malaysia. The rainforests of Malaysia are estimated to be over 130 million years old An estimate of 20% of the worlds...
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HM Revenue and Customs implement POC tax
What is going to start to happen following the implementation of the new UK POC (point of consumption) gaming tax that comes into force in a few days on December 1st 2014? Here are my predictions and odds. iGaming Take-overs, mergers...
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MG TF Spare Parts For Sale
It's time for a clear up at home! I've got some spare parts for sale here in KL from my MG TF. Prices are negotiable and you can either pickup the parts from KL or I can post the smaller items anywhere in Malaysia. Soft top is for...
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Sugar CRM Feature Request - New Performance Admin Section
Here's an excellent read on Sugar CRM performance: http://support.sugarcrm.com/04_Find_Answers/02KB/02Administration/100Tro... When you hit performance issues with Sugar CRM, you are pushing it to the limits, but there are some...
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Make Wordpress Work With Multiple Domains
I recently needed to find a solution for a multi-site Wordpress setup however Wordpress doesn't support multiple domains running from a single code base (or so people say). The solution is actually easy to achieve with hardly any code...
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From midnight to midnight here is an explanation for the traffic jam that surrounds you depending on what time you are on the roads around KL. click on the image to get a bigger size.
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Wheel is out of place on my MG TF clearly damaged suspension
It's been a tough week for my MG! Well, my MG TF was in the workshop for over heating problems - something it's been in and out for a while! The workshop finally admitted defeat and decided to blame the head saying i need to get a new...
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My MG TF At Bukit Antarabangsa, Ampang Lookout Point
She's a 1.8 160PS Stepspeed model MG TF (origional MG TF Stepspeed's were only 120PS). And in the background is the view from the lookout point in Bukit Antarabangsa, Ampang. You can easily find this spot when you head up the hill and...
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Stop Word From Highlighting Extra Space After Words
This issue had been bugging me for quite a while in Microsoft word. It's a kind of bug that Microsoft thought "hey let's not remove this bug, let's leave it there but if people don't like it they can spend ages trying to figure out how...
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Job Vacancy:  Technical Support Specialist
This position is to be based in Northpoint, Midvalley – Kuala Lumpur and reports to the head of corporate IT in Gibraltar. The company is a fast paced, progressive, forward thinking operation that is very active in the China market in...
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Wordpress themer Developer Job Based In KL, Malaysia
Answer These Two Easy Questions To Apply Are you a Malaysian citizen or have the right to work in Malaysia currently (as a spouse for example)? Are you currently in Malaysia? If you answered No to either of these questions then this...
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How To Identify A Malaysian
Malaysian National Food - KFC It's not Nasi Lemak or Laksa or any other more traditional Malaysian favorites. The number 1 food in Malaysia is in fact KFC. There are more KFC in Malaysia than any other restaurant. KFC is served for...
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Job Vacancy - Online Marketing Assistant At My Aquarium
Based in KL, full or part-time available! You will be responsible for online marketing for My Aquarium - an online shop selling Aquarium products across Malaysia. Key responsibilities for this job role: Engage with people on...
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Melaka Bird Park Review
Went to explore Melaka last weekend and ended up at the Melaka Bird Park by following a random road sign. Overall the trip to Melaka was ruined because of the terrible traffic jams and endless traffic lights. I won't go back again -...
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Kia Spectra Seats For Sale in Malaysia
Anyone want Kia Spectra leather seats? Condition is fairly good. Minor wear on the passenger seat (you can see it in the photos). No visible wear on the driver seat, but the supports inside the drivers seat need some work. These seats...
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Web Designer Job In KL
There is no reason for my picture to be there - I just didn't have anything relevant to hand. Anyway... we are looking for a talented web designer to join us for this new job opening here in KL! This is a totally new position so it will...
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Illegal Parking Jockeys In KL
Above: Pictured on the right, Robert Khoo - Owner of the Reggae Bar allegedly operates illegal parking scams in KL It's time to write about one of the biggest annoyances in KL at the moment - the rise of illegal parking jockeys....
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Chrome Screen Capture Extension Menu Bug Fix
I like to keep software tools simple and prefer to use simple tools, that's why I chose Google's very own screen capture extension for Google Chrome browser. Problem is at some point it's been released with a hefty bug in it that breaks...
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Drupal Performance Enhancement:  Reduce Session Time
Starting with the code before the explanation! Edit the following lines of your Drupal settings.php file: ini_set('session.cache_expire', 20000); ini_set('session.cookie_lifetime', 20000); ini_set('session.gc_maxlifetime', 20000...
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