Goodbye Lennox, Daddy Loves You


Bye bye, Lennox just before the cremation.

After trying so hard and getting big and strong Lennox's hopes and efforts were brutally cut short. After going through so much pain and heartache he did not lose his life to his condition (Hydrops fetalis with an unknown cause) but to the knife of an evil doctor at the Columbia Asia Medical Center in Seremban.

Lennox was murdered by Doctor Khoo on Tuesday 6th November 2007 at 12.05pm at the Columbia Asia Medical Center in Seremban, Malaysia. He was cut out from the womb at just over 7 months and although he tried to breathe and to live, Doctor Khoo just left him to die a painful death. When asked why he did this he didn't have an answer, he just shrugged and looked back at the police officer. When asked what happened when Lennox was "born" he said he put him on a table and he tried to breathe and cry. He left him to die.

Lennox was cremated on the 13th November 2007 in Kuala Lumpur a couple of hours after the police forensics team completed the post mortem / autopsy examination. The police investigations are still on going against Dr Roopi, of the Roopi Medical Center, Off Jalan Ipoh Kuala Lumpur for attempted murder and conspiracy to murder and against Dr Khoo of the Columbia Asia Medical center, Seremban for murder. Lennox's mother and her family are also implicated in the murder charges for seeking out and paying for the means to kill Lennox.


Thinking of you lennox, now Sinead will never get to play with you, goodbye

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Thanks mate

Dear Dan,

Very very sorry to hear of your son.

had a painful experience myself - when my wife delivered pre-mature twins - and we were placed in a mold infested ward with the air-cond condensated water dripping inches away from the baby cot.

When everything settles - you may want to contact this guy i know(a doctor who is also a lawyer) - who may be of assistance to you in seeking recourse against those you believe are responsible for Lennoxs' demise.

god bless

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Thanks Deva,

I appreciate your support. Some good must come from his short life and if other lives are saved by putting the killers in prison then all of the hard work will be worth it. It's simply murder to do a c or v section at past 7 months then just leave the baby to die without sending it to neonatal ICU...

Oh Dan,

Sorry if I was too busy to ask how were you doing for the past months.

I am so sorry for you! And I totally understand how you feel(not completely) but at least as a mother.

For baby Lennox, you are such a strong boy!
May God bless you!

hi dan, deeply sorry for your lost.

as a father myself, i can understand this lost is very hard to come by.

be strong & god bless.

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Thanks for your comments & support again. I really hope no one goes through this, ever. By that I mean both the Hydrops Fetalis (or any other fetal anomaly) and even the eventual murder.

Many things need to change in Malaysia - and one of the biggest things is the ques of mothers who visit clinics such as the Roopi clinic and the Columbia Asia Medical center for illegal abortions.

"Illegal abortion" does not really mean enough - when your baby is already past 7 months, has a full head of hair and looks like his daddy. Its murder. Its murder of a child who was giving all of his energy to survive in the outside world.

It is the sickest thing and the darkest aspect of humanity.

To all the people reading this page, whatever bought you here - be it a search on "Hydrops" or a search on anything else. I'm glad you dropped by to read this and post your comments.

I hope some good can come from this all one day. I'm proud of my son no matter what. No one can imagine how it feels to be forced into the world and left to die - unable to breathe.

I would gladly experience it myself if it could have saved Lennox.

If your baby has been diagnosed with Hydrops Fetalis then please read through the net - not just my site. There are so many success stories and as a previous comment on this site explained - the stats are very wrong and far out.

In many cases doctors will say "your baby will die" but this is not the full truth - only the limit of that doctors knowledge. Every baby deserves a chance and babies are tougher than you think - they are alive and there is no force more powerful than the instinct to survive.

If you do decide to have an abortion - just make sure it is within reasonable legal limits. I don't agree with any abortions personally, but i'm not going to go into "pro life" or whatever agrguements.

It should never ever be an option to kill a baby at seven months especially when the mother is fighting fit and the baby has been improving so much. Its just plain murder.

Apologies for such strong words but it is all warranted.

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Hi all,

I have finally finished a new forum for Hydrops fetalis. It is setup over here -

I hope you all can create an account there as it is easier to post pictures and chat there. If you have any trouble just let me know.

The main idea is that the world needs a place to discuss Hydrops and share information both on successful battles with Hydrops and lost battles. This information is really valuable to parents who are facing the dilema and for their babies.

To be most helpful you can post ultra sound scans so they can be compared, plus some details on individual cases such as any detected causes and what treatments you tried and their outcomes.

With all of this information parents could spot cases of similar severity and also geta better idea to judge what treatments and actions to try based on others experiences.

For something so "rare" my website sure gets alot of hits every single day by parents looking for information. I'm glad we can provide this information as a coummunity and if we are really lucky we can brighten up some peoples lives :)

I'm SO sorry for your loss, I've only read your full story now.
Your story hits me like a punch to the stomach as your beautiful little boy's life was cut short at the same gestation that my boy was born at.
I can't understand why anyone would do that, just so incomprehensible. He sounded like an amazingly tough little guy, you must be so proud of the way he fought.
You are also an amazingly strong person. thankyou for setting up the forum, i hope to hear more from other parents of hydrops babes.

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Hi Katie,

The thanks are for you for dropping by and your support :)

I agree, it's all the more heart wrenching because he was so close to making it through, all the hard work was almost going to pay off. No one will ever know how things would have turned out should Lennox have had a timely entry into the world surrounded by caring paople (as was planned). I do feel he was going to make it through and that's not just my heart speaking but my brain too. All the signs despite everything were good - heart rate good, development ok (he was getting bigger and stronger which is not what a dying baby would do).

When I carried his body to the car to drive him to the funeral all I could think of was how proud I was of him and how well developed he was. He wasn't huge because of Hydrops alone, he was genuinely huge regardless!

His face was calm and cute at that time following the post mortem as compared to when I first saw him at the hospital. That first time it looked asthough he had been frozen while he was still crying which leads me to suspect he wasn't just left to die but may have been put into the morgue when he was still alive.

The post mortem was rubbish because all the forensic doctors could see and look at was the Hydrops itself and they did little to properly investigate the cause of death.

I don't think much f religion and what happens after death but if there are such things I hope to get to know Lennox when my time is finally up.

My focus is still on my legal cases at the moment. I'm looking forward to some justice and removing some animals from society. I have a surprisingly good lawyer here - possibly the best in the country which is something to be greatful for. Hopefully the process won't drag on too long.

Thanks again Katie for dropping by to read my posts. I'll try and keep the sites updated as much as possible. I have just added some new pages to the Hydrops community forums - and i'm working on some more features for building a searchable database of case information and images for parents and doctors to use.

All the best!


Dear Dan,
My husband and I are going through terrible times, our 20week old baby (still a fetus at this time) was diagnosed with fetal hydrops and we were told, just today that the hydrops are caused due to chrmosome 21 abnormalities, a.k.a. down syndrome. Our baby is one of the worst cased seen by the specialist that we are dealing with, and we are told that the chances of our daughter surviving is very very slim. Can I ask what was the cause for your son Lennox's sickness? We were explained that it's either a chromosome(s) abnormality(ies), a viral infection can also be the cause or even a blood disorder.
It's not fair for our children to be going through such pain without even having a fitting chance but some how it helps me knowing that we're not alone in this difficult time, in saying that I would never wish this on my worst enemies' child.
I hope you are able to find some peace in knowing that Lennox, your beautiful baby boy will always be there if you need someone to talk to, he is your guardian angel and one day you will meet again.
My prayers are with you and your baby Lennox

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Hi Laetitia,

I'm very sorry to hear that and thanks for your kind thoughts. I never found out the cause of the Hydrops - which is usually the case.

I know what you are going through right now, i've been there too. I'll never forget the terrible shock, fer and sadness I felt on the day of the diagnosis. It's awfully sad.

Please head over to and sign up for the forum there - you will find loads of information and make some friends who are going through / have been through similar situations.

I wish your family and your baby all the best, please keep in touch,


Time goes by, but we still remember you lennox, how's the legal battle going bro?

Dear Dan,

Its a terrible thing that you had to go through. Hang in there! Only those that have kids will know how much they love them and to loose them in such a way is terrible. The feeling that you have will not go away. Take one day at a time and hang in there.

I am so sorry for your loss dan by the looks of Lennox he looked
Like a cute little baby and again I am sorry for your loss and I hope
You can get this situation taking care off my condolences I am sorry for
Your loss of your son. I will be praying for you.

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Thank you Pamela... it's over 5 years now. It will always be raw...

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