Road Trip - Driving From Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia To Bangkok, Thailand By Road

Quick Facts & Stats For The Road Trip To Bangkok

Here are some quick facts and statistics you should know if planning this trip. It might be a good idea to print this page and keep it with your road maps!

The Distance: KL To Bangkok

Kuala Lumpur to Bangkok, straight line distance
731.8 Miles / 1177.7 KM

Kuala Lumpur to Bangkok, actual distance on the roads
930 Miles to 1000 Miles (approx)

Geographic Coordinates For The Trip

Kuala Lumpur:
Latitude = 3° 10' 0"
Longitude = 101° 42' 0"

Latitude = 13° 45' 0"
Longitude = 100° 31' 0"

Kuala Lumpur To Bangkok - The Trip Route

Places you will drive through / by in order from start to finish...

  • Kuala Lumpur
  • Tapah
  • Ipoh
  • Butterworth
  • Bukit Kayu Hitam
  • Thai Border
  • Hat Yai
  • Phattalung
  • Surat Thani
  • Chumpon
  • Hua Hin
  • Phetchaburi
  • Bangkok

Looking For A Road Trip To Remember?

A drive from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Bangkok, Thailand should satisfy your thirst. You can experience breathtaking scenery along the way, pass by many different races and cultures, drive on many different and sometimes challenging roads and eat lots of different sometimes discusting food!

Driving In Malaysia

Malaysia's roads are better made and maintained than in Thailand, but despite the North South Expressways size and mostly straight lines, it is a very slow road to drive on. Malaysia enforces alot of speed restrictions that are out of proportion to the quality of the roads. Speed traps and cameras also exist. Speed limit is 110 km/h on the highway, but beware it suddenly drops to 90 km/h on some stretches to try and force you over the limit. Reduce speed at all fly-overs and bridges, because there are more likely to be patrol cars there.

Pay Toll Lah!

Malaysia's highways are very expensive compared to neighboring countries, where most roads are free to use. Thailand only has tolls in central Bangkok which normally cost THB 40 a time, whereas tolls in Malaysia can easily cost over RM25 just on one leg of the journey alone. As soon as you cross the border back to Malaysia - you get your travel documents processed, then at the very next booth a few meters away you will hear "Pay toll now please!" shouted out of a window. This is Malaysian for "Welcome back to Malaysia, nice to see you again!". No, actually its very rude and its overpriced and it's location is such that its a stealth tax on every car crossing the border.

Road Safety In Malaysia

The roads in Malaysia are quite safe. The only time to take extra caution is when entering and exiting the toll booths. Most accidents seem to happen here, when drivers don't notice the tolls and smash into them and other cars in the ques. Also watch your mirrors like a hawk when you exit the toll plazas because there is sometimes alot of lane changing and jostling to get back on the highways.

Drivers in Malaysia are generally OK, just watch out for the usual dangers like people changing lanes without indicating first. Motorbikes are a nuisance but not on highways. Malaysian drivers find it challenging to indicate and often don't understand the correct usage of indicators - they indicate after they turn! And they often keep their indicator switched on for a few minutes to confuse cars behind.

On some roads you have to watch out for wildlife. It's not worth crashing to avoid something unless it is a cow or elephant! Try and spare snakes, tortoises and whatever else may be in your path, but never panic and get yourself killed. If it is safe to do so you can stop at the side of the road and rescue anything that is not dangerous. Be a good samaritan and move it off the road.

Motor bikes or "Motos" are a menace. They do not play by any of the rules and they are the most dangerous things on the road - period. Luckily you will not find many on the highways so they are not much of an issue for the drive up to Thai Border.

Pit Stops In Malaysia

Look for signs for "Kawasan Rehat" these are places you can stop and "Makan Minum" eat and drink, use the bathroom and fill up your petrol. The Kawasan Rehat's are usually quite advanced and have a variety of local food on offer. Your best choice will be to drink plenty of "Teh Tarik" tea to keep you alert on your trip. There are no Motels in Malaysia, you will have to exit the highway and find a hotel if you really need one. One of the best Kawasan Rehat stops is at Tapah, the part of the highway near Cameron Highlands. The atmosphere is very much like being in the Jungle - misty and all. The food, especially fruits here are very fresh and very good.

Driving In Thailand

Thailand's roads are not as advanced as Malaysias. Thailands quality roads are only in and around the Bangkok area, for the most part, the rest are like badly maintained race tracks. For a road trip, this is good fun and exciting because the speed limits (if any) are very rarely enforced.

Road signs are more useful in Thailand because they explain the severity of corners very well so you can guess your speed before going into them. Road signs for place names - towns, cities etc are very poor though and often only written in Thai at the crucial junctions. The other problem with road signs in thailand is they often state for example "Surat Thani" instead of "Surat Thani City" or "Surat Thani Province" which can be confusing because most of the provinces and cities share the same name, especially in the South.

The best thing about Thai roads is the fact that the fast sections curves and bends are built on a slanting angle like a race track! It means you can maintain a high speed on corners without losing your hold on the road and drifting off your lines. Much of the time you can forget you are on roads at all and practice your racing lines.

The most annoying downside to Thailands road is the sudden abrupt interruption of the roads with traffic lights. One minute you are cruising at 150 km/h then you turn a blind corner and are greeted with a jam of stationary cars waiting at a traffic light! Your brakes must be in very good order and you must be super alert because this will happen more than 100 times on the trip to Bangkok. If you think you can't stop in time then use the emergency lane as your stopping space and then pull up at the waiting line at the lights. You cut the que this way and you come out of it alive, so don't be shy.

Road Safety In Thailand

Thailand is an insane place to drive. Once you cross the border for the fist time, drive very slowly and get familiar with the style. Cars will join your lane from the opposite side of the road into your fast lane, right in front of you at a very slow speed. Never move! Don't panik! They will drift off to the slow lane eventually, so keep in your lane or risk confusing them. Always flash your lights and sound your horn when other cars and trucks jump in your lane to make sure they know you are there or they may not move over.

Lorries and trucks are a serious hazard. For your safety, every time you approach a lorry or truck in the slow lane and intend to pass, slow down by at least 20 km/h and flash your lights a few times or beep the horn in daytime. Check for a second or two to make sure the lorry knows you are there. Most often they will indicate left which means they are staying left for you to pass. If you dont get any response then slow down further and pass more carefully. These guys do jump out without checking for any cars behind and you will experience several emergency stops (screeching up and kissing the back of a huge lorry is not recommended!)

Dogs. Damn Dogs! They are everywhere. You will see some killed and probably kill some yourself. They are all over the roads. Never move because of a dog. It's just a dog - no one should die or get injured trying to dodge a dog. If you have never seen a dog explode before, you will probably see it in Thailand.

If you are taking it easy and driving slowly then you better watch out and always keep left. Don't go in the fast lane unless the slow lane is blocked or falling apart. Slow drivers get alot of anger from Thai drivers and can expect to be beeped at, flashed at, stared at and worse - forced of the road! You will see many signs saying "KEEP LEFT" so you better listen, don't say I didn't warn you!

Pit Stops In Thailand

Thai roads don't have exit lanes and such which lead to pit stops. Normally you will just see some huts or buildings at the side of the road that serve food and drinks. If you are passing by a town you should take the "Frontage Road" otherwise you will bypass petrol stations and any restaurants. There are many food and fruit stalls right on the main roads in Thailand. If you want to stop at one then slow down and indicate well in advance to prevent accidents. Of course, never reverse on the highway to get a banana from a fruit stall you missed 100 metres back! Leave that behavior to the Thai drivers!

Fuel, refuel and extra refuel! If you don't want to get stuck you have to keep your tank above 50% full at all times. Never pass by a petrol station thinking "never mind there will be another up the road". This is almost never the case! Petrol in Thailand is not so easy to get. If you have a small car, take extra care - stop at every second or third petrol station to be sure.

Thai food is over-rated, especially when driving through the country. The food you find at just about every roadside restaurant will be the same old slop. If you are not used to cold food that was cooked up to two days ago and has been well visited by flies then I suggest you buy a few ingredients at 7-Eleven and make yourself a snack. Compared to Malaysia, Thailands food is very disappointing. You can't order food and see it is made on the spot fresh, and you will be the luckiest person alive if you find anywhere that sells tea. Tea is something of an enigma to the Thai people.


What is the journey time?

I have plan in the month of March 2013 by road for 4 days from Bangkok to Malaysia & Singapore back to Bangkok private cars are available what is expenses and what about visa or call me cell 9--------2

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Have fun! Expenses just depend on how much money you want to spend :)

My car insurance and license will be expired another 50 days. will be affected when crossing the Malaysia and Thailand border?

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No problem

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Hi Meera,

It takes two days if you stop for a night along the way, which I recommend because it is a very long drive... unless you change seats with a co-pilot half way.

If you drive straight it can be done in 18 hours - but it depends on the road conditions, weather and of course your speed.

Good luck!

Hi.. Is there any bus service from Kualampur to Bangkok...

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Yes, but you must change buses in Hat Yai. Take a bus from KL to Hat Yai and then look for your next bus (different company). Hat Yai bus station has lots of choices. If timing is wrong then stay one night in Hat Yai and go to Bangkok the next day.

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I have setup an overland travel forum at this address...

[edit: since removed :)]

For people to discuss overland travel and join in with convoys / travel groups.

This was my friend, Seans idea as he is planning a trip from here in Malaysia to the UK overland via China and Russia.

If you want to join him then please post in the forums there and he will get back to you!

Mechanics, doctors and self defense experts are most welcome!

Hi, I'm planning to make this trip on a Motorcycle from Kuala Lumpur to Bangkok and return to Kuala Lumpur but I don't want to use highways, only back roads since motorcycling is better this way. Do you know how are the secondary roads? Are there any? Should I stick with the highways? Thanks.

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Hi Ivan,

In Malaysia there are are quite a few secondary roads so you don't need to take highways - actually motorbikes are not allowed on the highways as far as I know. You can take the "old" road by following blue signs and not following green ones - as green signs are for the highway routes.

In Thailand there are no proper highways until you reach Bangkok - so no problem there then!

[edit: the motorbike rule seems to depend on engine size. small motorbikes are not allowed on the north south express way]

Hi, if i am planning to drive into thailand with my car for a year or so, what is the best way to renew my visa and car permit ? Thanks

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It will be hard to keep your car inside Thailand for one year as you have to renew the car permit every month - at the same border crossing point that you came in from. There is also a 3 month renewal limit, so after 3 months the car can't go back into Thailand (as far as i know). There must be a way around this but i'm not sure how at the moment. You can try asking the Thai border staff who are very polite and friendly if you tell them it's your first time.

Your visa as a tourist, if you are Malaysian should be valid for 28days - so you will need to exit and reenter the country every month too. This is quite troublesome!

I would recommend if you want to stay in Thailand for 1 year and drive around, you hire a car there, then there is no pressure to keep driving all the way to the Malaysian border to renew car permits.

Have fun!

Thanks for the info Dan! great Blog. Was just wondering if you knew any good camping spots down the drive to bangkok like national parks and things like that. and the general safety for those wanting to do so..


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Hi Dzae,

Welcome! Camping spots... the only ones I can think of are in the Krabi area which is on the South East Coast between Malaysia and Phuket. I have not tried camping in Thailand but i'm sure there are many more places to find - both official camp sites and unoffical ones (ie: finding a quiet place and simply putting up your tent!).

There are loads of national parks in Thailand and just off the top of my head I think Thailand has the highest ratio of reserved national park land in the world (including offshore reefs etc).

According to -

"The best places for camping in Thailand are in the national parks. Almost all of the 76 national parks have at least one camping site. Notable exceptions are Doi Suthep/Doi Pui in Chiang Mai, Hat Jao Mai in Trang, Nam Tok Pliew in Chanthaburi, and Thap Lan in Prachinburi, where camping is not permitted."

So if this is true i guess you can just as officials at the various national parks about camping when you arrive.

Have fun! Maybe you can drop by later and let us know how you trip goes.

Ivan / or anyone else on this site - I'm planning do the same route on a motorbike, did you ever make it. What was it like, did you manage to travel the blue routes?

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Hi Raf,

What bike are you riding from KL? Also not sure what you mean by blue routes - you mean regular roads and not highways?

I don't know anyone who biked it up to Bangkok but maybe someone from above or someone new will reply :)


How long would it take from Kuala Lumpur to Bangkok by Road and how much would it cost?
Are there buses or trains that provide this service?

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There is a train from KL to Bangkok. Just ask at Kuala Lumpur Sentral station (KL Sentral). I've done it a few times in both directions and it's the best way to go if you don't have a car! I've tried the bus once and it was a nightmare... very very unsafe and not recommended. You can get a bus to Hat Yai then another bus to Bangkok from there. To anyone reading this... take the train! It's relaxing (you can sleep on your bed), very safe and the views are nice in the day time.


I was wondering if you had any info about hire cars. I am looking to fly into malaysia and drive to bangkok.
I was wondering if it was possible to pick up a hire car in Malaysia and drop it off in Thailand?


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Hi Tsewang,

Hows it going? As far as I know it's impossible to take a rental car over the border from Malaysia to Thailand. This is because you must own the vehicle and have the ownership documents in order to prevent stolen cars crossing international borders. You could however rent a car in Kuala Lumpur and drop it off in Penang but I bet that will be quite costly as they usually want the car returned right back to where you hired it. From Penang you could take a bus for a couple of hours up to Hat Yai where you can easily rent another car. Tip! When you rent in Thailand make sure it's all insured and NEVER leave your passport with them. Even with the insurance if their is an accident they may try and charge you and refuse to return your passport. Also if you drive from Hat Yai to Bangkok you better not tell them how far you are going and must return the car to Hat Yai. I doubt there are any rental companies who will allow you to return the car in Bangkok! Finally, if you have the budget of about RM5,000 to RM7,000 you could buy a cheap car for the trip and then won't have to worry about much on the way.

Have fun!

Hi Buddy,

I plan to drive from Kl to India by road on my Toyota Vios, can u please give me some maps, directions, Ideas if any.

dangibas's picture

Hi Anand,

Hire me as your navigator ;)

Driving to India from KL will be pretty tough as as far as I know - you can't drive through Myanmar... Need to check on that with someone who has been there recently. If you could drive through Myanmar then it's simple. You probably will have to go through China though - but - then you will have to deal with mountains and maybe even the Himalayas before you can get back down into India.

Maybe you can go through China to Lahore in Pakistan and then double back. In any case your route will be very very long - all just to avoid Myanmar.

I think driving to Lhasa would be nice - then finding a route south to the little bit of India next to Bhutan... no idea how the roads and mountains will be though!

One more thing... I don't think a Vios will be a good idea - you probably need a Land Rover, Land Cruiser or Jeep of some kind - with spare tires, spare parts, spare food and water and an extra canister of fuel :)


Yap, agree with you. A toll fee in Malaysia is expensive.

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Now I'm over in the Philippines and it's even more expensive here and the roads are worse lol... now I miss Malaysian roads :)

Hi Dan,

I would like to drive from Singapore to Vietnam. VOLVO XC90, Family of 4 with wife and kids. Let me have your comments.How long does it take to get to vietnam. Is driving a good idea at all.

dangibas's picture

@Jobless Girl yes I agree, but the highway roads in Malaysia are very very good... roads in KL though for example are falling apart and full of pot holes!

@Thomas - I think you can make it! Main challenges will be the border crossing into Cambodia and then Cambodia into Vietnam. There have been Thai / Cambodia clashes at the borders recently. It would be great to cross into Angkor, I think the crossing is at Poipet(?). as i've never done this trip I think you will need to search for advice from locals in Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. I'm 100% sure you can get to the Thai / Cambodia border. But from there you will need to know the formalities about taking your car into Cambodia and then Vietnam. Also remember - you are in a "normal" RHD vehicle but in Cambodia and Vietnam they drive on the wrong side of the road like Americans and sit on the left side to drive! Try contacting the Cambodian and Vietnamese consulates in Kuala Lumpur for more information. Also try the forums online and ask other expats and travelers. Let me know if you make it! Good luck!

Sounds like a blast, and thanks for the recommendations/observations.

What time of year did you drive the thai road, and how long did you leave for surat thani --> bangkok? We are thinking of doing it really slowly, about 5 days... is that slow?

dangibas's picture

Hi Mark,

Sure, the slower the better! If in Surat Thani you will probably want at least two days on Koh Samui (just take the car ferry). I'd recommend Chumpon 1 day at least and possibly Hua Hin. I'd not stop in Phattalung or other parts of Surat Thani either ;)

I've been at all different times of year. The only time to avoid is the end of the dry season when the rains start - the roads become terrible and you can expect to see a wrecked vehicle every 100 meters, especially when you get closer to Bangkok. If you must drive then you really must crawl at 20km/h with emergency lights on - because these first rains mix with dirt and oil on the road and it's as bad as driving on ice!!!

Good luck and have fun! :)

Hi Dan,

I am planning for a road trip from KL to Krabi, Surat Thani, Koh Samui, Hat Yai then back to KL.
So the total days will be 6 days, is it enough?
We plan to go in the middle of August, is the raining season started?
What other city that you recommend for visiting other then those listed above?
Thanks and really appreciate your reply.


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Hi Hong,

Thanks for reading! to answer your questions...

6 days is enough for this trip

August should be fine. If it does rain then drive much much slower unlike the Thai drivers. You will pass them later when the skid off the road :)

I'd recommend Songkhla - visit Khao Tang Kuan temple (2,000 feet above the sea level). It's often called Tang Kuan Hill. Awesome views and photo's to be taken. History too behind the temple...

Also don't miss Betong!

You could go to Phuket - just north of Krabi but to be honest it will just be more crowded and you can enjoy other beaches without needing to go to Phuket. There is a small land bridge that crosses you onto the Northern Part of Phuket island.

Finally - leave enough time for Hat Yai. Hay Yai is underrated - it's actually a really nice little city with fantastic markets and pasar malam that ends around midnight. Shopping is good and there is plenty to do. One of the best pubs in Thailand with live music is the Westside Saloon...

I was in Hat Yai last weekend! :)

Hi Dan, Thanks for the reply!!

Ok, Betong, Yala and Pattani sounds interesting. So if I plan my 6 days trip as below, is there enough time to enjoy the trip? Because we do not want to end of driving in the car most of the time.

The road :
KL-Penang-Betong(Thai)-Yala-Pattani-Hat yai-Songkhla-Koh Samui Island-Surat Thani-Krabi-Hat Yai-Alor Setar-KL.

place for overnight:
Day 1 – Betong
Day 2 - Songkhla
Day 3 – Koh Samui
Day 4 – Krabi
Day 5 – Hatyai
Day 6 – Back to KL

Many Thanks!!!!

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Hi Hong!

Sorry for the late reply, I've not been active on my blog for a long while! Did you go for your trip? My only advise would have been to leave Krabi out because it's off-course. I think to include Krabi would be a hassle as you would have to head to Phattalung then go west when actually you were well on your way heading back south...


hello dan,
thank you for ur blog !
just wanted few tips
we are group of 4 planing to to a road trip from bkk to malaysia to singapore.
just wanted to know the must visit cities on our way !
main attraction is food and party !
we can give around 10-12 days
and just wanted to know if we can hire car in bkk and drive to singapore all the way
thank you !

dangibas's picture

Hi PJ,

The same applies if you rent a car in Thailand - you won't be allowed to take it over the border to Malaysia. Don't worry you can still rent in Bangkok and return it in Hat Yai in the South or between the 4 of you buy a second hand car and then sell it off when you have completed your trip!

If you want good food and to party then make sure you stop over in Koh Samui and Phuket in Thailand. Malaysia isn't a party destination but you can still have fun and good food in KL - head to the nightlife spot at Changkat Bukit Bintang (Jalan Celon = Celon Road). Restaurants aplenty and lots of over priced bars.

Have a nice trip!

Hey dan ,
Thanks for the quick reply,and definatly that's very useful too :) but I had small querry we are planning to leave on the 12-14 dec 2012 .. And I searched on some other blogs that kho samui has rains in dec..
And dan can I ask you a favour .. I mean you kno so much about this roadtrip..can you please gimme a full proof iteniery for my 13 day tour !!
Thanks a lot

dangibas's picture

Hi PJ,

Welcome! Don't worry about the weather, It's tropical - it could rain any day really! I can't really help with an itinerary because there are too many options! Maybe you should just go for it? - part of the adventure! For the Malaysian section of the trip you can contact my friend Mike at - he's a professional tour guide and can help you out and even take you down to Singapore and show you sights on the way.


And dan 1 more thing .. As I am travelling for the first time to asia.. Wanted to kno about the appox. transportation and accomodation cost per person on an average( medium hotels). It will be great if you would help me on this..thank you and my road plan is BKK--malaysia--singapore !!
Thank you dan

dangibas's picture

Hi PJ,

Sorry again this will depend on budget! If you want to spend us$10,000 a day you can do it, or if you want to get by on US$100 a day it's also possible. Travel, accommodation and meals can be very very good value in Thailand and Malaysia. Singapore a bit more pricey but you still have options...

Hey, dan
Sorry to bother you again !
I searched online for rental cars but dint find the car we all want.
Actually we all wanna rent out land rover or a premium suv !! But I cunt find any ,in malaysia
Or bangkok !
And last querry !! :) if we hire car in malaysia we can take the same car to singapore rite ??
Thanks dans for already helping me soo much !
Thank you

dangibas's picture

Hi PJ,

In Thailand you need to ask around at the airport or major travel hubs, then you get better deals on the car hire. Don't use those big International car hire companies because they are a rip off compared to the smaller local ones. Also never leave your passport with them (some ask).

In Malaysia look at Most Malaysians prefer crappy MPV type vehicles to 4x4's so mostly you will find MPV's for rent. They are good for road trips though as you won't need a 4x4 vehicle. Also looking good is the BMW 5 series for rent.

You are not allowed to take a car across an International border unless you own it. This is because you could decide not to return the car and then the cars owner will be powerless to get it back! If you still decide to try and cross to Singapore it's up to you. I'm 100% sure the Thai border makes this impossible because they check every single cars ownership documents. They don't do that in Singapore but I wouldn't take the risk to be honest because then you would have to turn back and return your rental car or park it in secure parking until you get back from Singapore.

OK have a fun and safe trip!

Dan it will be great if you can help me with what all the documents i need to carry to travel from Kl to Thailand by my car... I m holding Indian License it will be concern? I am planning on this dec. Please revert back to me asap. I will appreciate if u can send reply in

dangibas's picture


Passport, car grant (ownership doc). Make sure your road tax and insurance are good. Buy Thai insurance too.

can i go there on a bike? will they rent a bike/car to me if i only have a one way trip?

dangibas's picture

You can go on a bike but you can't take a rented bike or car across the Thailand / Malaysia border. Very few rental companies will let you return a vehicle to a different city without heavy extra pickup charges and in this case I doubt they will pickup their vehicle from a small border town for example bukit kayu hitam...

Thanks for the info(:

Hi Dan, I plan to travel from Penang to Bangkok then Chiang Rai, it took about 2 months. What documentation should I prepare like car road tax and insurance in Thailand? And my personal documentation other than passport? Please advise. Thanks.

dangibas's picture

Hi there,

Stop by at the ZON duty free at Bukit Kayu Hitam in no mans land (in between Malaysia and Thailand once you have already exited Malaysian Immigration). They sell Thai insurance there and it's pretty cheap. I *think* it was RM28 for 3 days, but I forget how much by the month. Just take the 3 days insurance anyway then go to a bigger better company once you are in Thailand properly. You don't need to pay Thai road tax for a foreign car but remember you are only allowed to keep your car in Thailand for a month before you have to take it out again AND you are only allowed to take it in and out (to renew for another month) at the same border crossing. Personal docs? Just your passport, driving licence and importantly - your CAR OWNERSHIP DOC! You can't take a car over the border unless you own it. Have fun in Thailand!

bro, check with you what are the documents that i need to produce for getting the thailand insurance at the dannok checkpoint ?

dangibas's picture

Hi Jinz, when I bought the insurance I didn't show any documentation! Just paid and told them the car details.

dangibas's picture

Update: I went a few days ago and there are now a few signs up as you get close to the Thai border that read "Thai insurance" and similar... so I guess these shops are selling Thai road insurance. Didn't try any, so be wary of getting ripped off or scammed!

Hi bro, i plan a bicycle ride from KL to BANGKOK. It's safe when travelling on expressway in Thailand? What are the advice you can give me? App. depart schedule is May'2013. How many days you think will arrive BANGKOK?

dangibas's picture

Hi Kevin,

Bicycle!? I have no idea sorry, but my only advise is not to ride at night and especially not in the rain. There are no highways (by Malaysian standards), just "a" roads, which are more like the old roads in Malaysia before the NSE and East West highways were built. Driving in Thailand is dangerous so I imagine cycling is very very dangerous! Going all the way to Bangkok a support car may be a good idea, or at least go with some buddies so you are not alone in an emergency.

Hi Bro,thank for your advice, i really appreciate that. Actually is there any one out there interested on cycling to BANGKOK for a great even of the year? I looking for more buddy to join in. Thank you.

dangibas's picture

No worries! You my get lucky and someone searching for cycling from malaysia to thailand will read this and reply to you... you could try the trip advisor website too. I don't know cycling specific websites but there must be lots of forums and groups :)

Good luck with your trip! Blog about it when you get back! Cheers...


I live in Bangkok and a mate and I are buying a tuk-tuk to take on a charity road trip across Thailand. We were thinking of carrying on as far as KL. Is this possible? Do you know anything about the regulations regarding tuk-tuks? Also, would we be able to get gas there?

Thanks!! :)

dangibas's picture

Hi Jerome,

It should be fine so long as the tuk tuk is in good condition and you have all the paperwork. By gas do you mean gas or petrol? You can get both in Malaysia and it's much cheaper than Thailand. If the vehicle runs on gas just ask any taxi driver where you can fill up (most taxis use gas and it's crazy cheap!).

Sounds like a whacky trip!

Thanks for the reply! Its all very early stages of planning at the moment but I've got some Thai friends looking into the logistics this end, paperwork etc. Yes I mean gas, not petrol. The tuk tuks here all run on natural gas.

I know it sounds whacky but I'm really hoping we can make it happen. I work at an international school here in Bangkok and one of my friends/colleagues was killed in an accident a few months ago and we'd like to do it in honour of her and raise some money for a charity of her family's choice :)

Thanks again for the swift reply!

dangibas's picture

Sorry to hear that, I hope your trip goes ahead and is a success.

Hi Dan,
I want to ask my gal friend to come from Pattaya to Kuala Lumpur. Can U suggest the various modes of transport, their economics & their time duration.

Coming on official trip from India in Feb next year for 3-4 days.

Thanks in Advance

dangibas's picture

Hi there,

Fastest way will be a taxi to Bangkok then flight to Kuala Lumpur. Also the most expensive unless you get a promo on a low cost airline.

Cheapest and slowest way will be bus to Bangkok from Pattaya then Bus to Kuala Lumpur changing in Hat Yai. This is also a very painful way to go and the busses drive like crazy. Very uncomfortable.

Mid-range, but most comfortable and recommended is to get to Bangkok Hualumpong station by either bus or taxi from Pattaya and then take the train to Kuala Lumpur. I'd recommend booking 1st class in advance. 2nd class still has pull down beds for sleeping but dont touch 3rd class - it's just a seat!

Finally by car it's easy enough to drive from Pattaya to KL but it does take allot of energy and time.

Hi bro, i plan a proton saga (model 1998) from KL to BANGKOK.can i go to Thailand with this care? It's safe when traveling on expressway in Thailand? What are the advice you can give me? i am going to this travel with my waif and my son.i am student in Malaysia.we living in selangor ,could you please give us address step by step.Regards

dangibas's picture

Hi Behzad, if your car is well serviced, has good tires and is in generally good condition then it will be just fine. Just take it easy :)

The route for the trip is the same as posted above.

Have a nice trip!

Hi bro
really thank you very much for good comment.what about insurance car in Thailand? where i can take insurance of my car (for Thailand).

dangibas's picture

no problem, I mentioned insurance in an earlier comment. You can buy it near the border and also at the ZON duty free complex :)

Hi Dan,

I am planning to drive to bangkok from kl ( a family of 4 ). Just need to know the basic things that i need to prepare, appreciate your advice. Thanks

dangibas's picture

Hi Azri,

Apa khabar? You don't need much, just what you want to take with you for you and your family! Passports, car ownership document, insurance, insurance for Thailand is also a good idea. Car wise... full size spare tire and necessary tools just in case. I'd also recommend having any car serviced before going on a road trip and checked over properly top to bottom :)

If you have kids make sure you take plenty of entertainment for the long trip! But you will have guessed this one already...

Have a nice trip, selemat jalan...

hi dan, can i ask u how to had a trip to UK from KL by a car. then i not so clearly understand about process to cross one country to others country. i planned to done this for 10months which is possible or maybe a year.

dangibas's picture

Hi there,

I'm not sure but I'll be researching it for around about 2014 or 2015. I'm also planning a trip. So far all I have considered is the different routes and car maintenance. For me I would prefer to avoid border crossings as much as possible as they will slow you down and add paperwork, so I'm considering cutting across Europe to Russia and then heading South through China and then a few ASEAN countries on the way to Malaysia. For car maintenance and repairs in this modern age I don't see any problems. Just don't drive something rare or unusual and you will probably find official service centres in every country along the route!

I followed a convoy for a while on a trip years ago and they had driven from the Netherlands to Singapore. They were more daring - they were in convertible classic cars like MG Midgets! I'd recommend a powerful saloon car or even better a 4X4.

Thank you very much for your trip report..
I'm interested and makes me feel excited for planning my very first border crossing journey from KL to Phuket..

I just want to hear your comment about my plan..
I plan to have a journey from KL to Phuket for 5 days using Malaysian registered Avanza that I bought using my name..
and I'm not Malaysian..
I'm Indonesian who studying in KL..

is there any problem with the documents like driving license?
even though I have both Indonesian and International Driving License, but I still doubt it..

Thank you very much..

dangibas's picture

Hi David,

Agree, it's an exciting trip pretty much every time :)

If you are a non-malaysian then you are still fine because the car is registered in your name and you have a DL... so no issues at all. Have a safe trip and enjoy Phuket!


Hello Dan,
Me and my frnd is planning to make a roadtrip from KL to Thailand. Total 10days trip. Can you suggest us the cities we will stop at and how many days we shall spend in each city. we will be taking a sedan car so will there be any problem with the floods?

dangibas's picture

Hi Romeo, with 10 days I'd probably head to Koh Samui and or Chumpon but you could go anywhere in Thailand with that amount of time it just depends how much of your trip you want to spend driving and what you would like to see. When there are heavy rains in Thailand you will be ok IF you drive at a snails pace. It's not just floods to worry about but poor visibility and most importantly the slippy road conditions. IF the heavy rain is at the end of the dry season then it's especially dangerous because the loose dust on the roads turns to slush and acts like ice so you won't have grip. Maybe you guys can decide what you want to see then choose your destinations... If it's history then maybe the old capital city and Kanchanaburi (Death railway from WW2). If it's mountains go far north. If you want beaches then you are spoiled for choices too! For islands, just check and make sure that a car ferry exists otherwise you will be disappointed. Samui is a safe bet for an island vacation by road from Malaysia :)

I am an Englishman living in northern Thailand and next year (March and April) I would like to drive with my Thai wife to the Cameron Highlands in Malaysia with my car.
If anyone has done this and knows about crossing into Malaysia by car I would be very grateful for any information e.g. How long can I/my car stay in Malaysia, what is the best way to buy temporary Malaysian car insurance and can I get a tourist visa at the border or do I need to go to the Malaysian Embassy in Bangkok.

dangibas's picture

Hi Ebenezer, thanks for your comment! I haven't tried the trip with a Thai registered car but I know there are plenty driving in Malaysia. I believe they need a temporary English character based number plate to drive in Malaysia, because no one can read the Thai plates. If you can't find more info then don't worry just head to the border and ask there, it's probably a piece of cake. As usual, bring all your necessary documents including car ownership to be on the safe side. BTW Cameron Highlands is awesome but is not somewhat spoiled by the tourism ministry who have over developed it, what once made it attractive as a holiday destination is now pretty much gone. There is heavy traffic and jams up there and crowds of people so it's not a relaxing mountain retreat as it used to be. For your visa it depends what passport you are travelling on... many can get a stamp on arrival at the border.

Many thanks dangibas for the information.

I am planning to ride (superbike) to Vietnam via Bangkok and Cambodia on the 24th May 2013 and returning somewhere 3rd or 4th June 2013. I'm looking for travel buddy.
Care to ride with me?

dangibas's picture

Nice! Me - 4 wheels ONLY! haha... maybe bikers will see your post :)

Im thinking of buying a small motor bike in Bangkok and riding to Singapore. I was wondering how easy it is to buy a bike in Bangkok, how much they are and insurance details. Also what the boarders are like and accomadation along the way. I was planning on ten days . Do you think its possible ? thank you for your time

dangibas's picture

Yes it's possible but I have no idea about buying bikes or motorbikes in general sorry. All I know is that every road trip I see at least 2 dead bikers on the road along the way. On my last trip to Thailand I saw 4 dead bikers. In fact I don't really like bikes... People on bikes in Malaysia drive crazy and think they own the road and end up very very dead very often and it's 100% their fault for the way they cut through the traffic and hang out in drivers blind spots. My not buy a car a live to tell the story?

Hi many days my Malaysia car can be in Thailand?

dangibas's picture

Hi there, last time I checked it's 30 days for a Malaysian vehicle to be allowed to stay in Thailand without paying import tax. Over 30 days you get the fine and or have to pay import tax, which is probably 10,000,000 Baht plus your grandmother. :)

Hi Dan,

Would you have any suggestion and advise on routing if we wish to drive up to Thailand from Singapore before going back to Singapore again? How is the safety level up there?

Also, are we allowed to use rental cars (from Singapore) to enter Thailand?

By the way, this blog entry is truly amazing.

dangibas's picture

Hi Tassy, thanks for your comment!

The route is up to you, once in Thailand you can go for cool mountains (far North), beautiful islands (mostly in the Southern States), heavenly shopping (Bangkok! One of the best in Asia!)... depends really.

The trip is South to North and Thailand is quite slim until you pass Bangkok so there is only really a couple of routes. You can follow the East coast past Koh Samui, or you can follow the West coast past Phuket. Or going up the middle you miss most of the fun and it's a bit boring.

You can't use a rental car because as you don't own it, you are technically attempting to steal it if you cross an International border because the car rental company will be powerless to get their car back if it's in another country.

Safety level is very good if you are well behave :) Driving is dangerous especially in the wet / rain so when in Thailand reduce speed to a crawl and keep left. Malaysia is fine, some of the best highways you will ever see in Asia.

Hi.m planing to go bangkok from Malaysia...can u suggest an easily way n d route which takes shortest time ?

dangibas's picture

Highway 4 90% of the way! Just keep heading NORTH and you can't go wrong.

Hi, planing to go krabi from Malaysia with family by rental van..any doc needed whn pass by thai border...and how long total journey frm kl-krabi..

dangibas's picture

Sorry, it's hit and miss you will be allowed to cross the border. I did mention several times in this and other blog posts, you can only take a car or any type of vehicle across an international border if you own it. Taking a rental car to another country is basically stealing it. The company will have no way of getting their vehicle back if you decided to just park it up or sell it. Taking a vehicle out of the country without the owners permission is theft, plus, even with permission you won't be allowed if you get checked.

Hi Dan,

Good Blog this and some very interesting questions and comments and all very helpful, However im planning on doing a charity bike ride (mountain bike) from Kuala Lumpur to Bangkok..?

Any ideas on routes i should take?

I know that this probably isn't your bag of wisdom as its a cycling question but i thought i would ask all the same haha

Thanks in Advance


dangibas's picture

Hi Lee,

Thanks and thanks for dropping by! Yes you are right, bikes are not my forte :) For the route though it will depend on what you want to see or if you want to go the shortest route. Shortest and fastest route would be to go the same way as cars up the 4 highway. You can see it on Google Maps. There are more scenic routes with less traffic though. Some areas have terrible traffic around major cities on the way that you would want to avoid. Where possible take a route around a city and not through it.

Hey, You forgot to mention Millions Of Potholes in Malaysian small roads...


dangibas's picture

Millions of potholes in Malaysian roads! There you go :)

Hey Dan,

Great blog.... i am planning to do a similar trip around Malaysia and have evrything sorted (more or less...) ;)

We will be starting from KL and than drive towards Thailand.

One of my main question is: how can I rent a car in KL and drop it in Thailand....

Thanks in advance


dangibas's picture

Hi Dadokat,

Thanks! Pls see above comments... you can't do it. Need to buy a car or use a car together with it's legal owner.


Hello Dan
I'm thinking of driving from Singapore via Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam then onto Hong Kong. I want to buy a car in Singapore and sell it in Hong Kong.

I live in the UK and I'm wanting to do this in Jan-Feb 2015.

What if any advice can you give me. Thanks.
Great blog you have...

dangibas's picture

Hi Dave,

Thanks for dropping by. Say hi to Kendal for me (I used to live in Sedbergh!). Not much advise to give really, just go for it. The only thing I'd be unsure of is importing the car legally into HK. You will need to check with HK government and also with someone with local knowledge in HK on the import procedure and taxation.

I'd prepare backup routes for this trip and also contact Cambodia, Vietnam and Chinese people with local knowledge and ideally government departments too (via their consulates in London perhaps) before flying out.

Type of vehicle is also important. First half of the trip can be done in anything but the Vietnam and China parts - I haven't driven through those regions so I don't know the condition of the roads. A fully kitted out 4x4 would always be a safer bet.

Hi Dan,

Would you be able to send me an email so I can start a private conversation with you about some ideas I have and the logistics around them.

Really appreciate all the knowledge you offer on this blog.



dangibas's picture

Email sent! Cheers...

hi dan,

i planning to do my 2nd trip from m'sia to bangkok..I will stay 2 night at Krabi then to Bangkok. My question is when i start going back to m'sia i plan to go amphawa for a day trip a head to hua hin for 1 night.From Hua hin to the border will be another 10 hrs...So in between hua hin and m'sia border, what u recommend for a night beside krabi? Do u have any idea about Ranong and crossing to the Myammar border?

dangibas's picture

Hi David,

I'd recommend Koh Samui or simply Hat Yai on the way back between Hua Hin and Malaysia. I once planned to cross the border at Ranong but had to cancel because back then the Myanmar government wouldn't allow it. Now I don't know the situation. I'd suggest driving there and simply asking at the border post! Depending on your nationality you may need a visa in advance of turning up... good luck and have fun!

planing to do 15 cars convoy from KL to Bangkok. any advise or pointer. where would be ideal to put up the frost night. is it patalong or surathani. Total no of days for this drive is 7 days 6 night . tq

dangibas's picture

Hi, I think you should push for extra 230KM to Surat Thani city if you can make it that far without falling asleep. There is not much at all in Phattalung I'd not recommend it. Plus there are more hotels in Surat Thani. If you want somewhere nicer to stay you should push even further to Chumphon. Then the next day you don't have so far to continue to Bangkok and can enjoy Chumphon - It's really nice. Chumphon is almost 400km from Phattalung though - you will be pushing the limits to drive from KL direct to Chumphon! :) It's possible though, I've driven to Bangkok before from KL only stopping for petrol and food.

Hi Dan,
I am Sook Yee from Kuala Lumpur. We plan a driving with kids from Kuala Lumpur to Hua Hin/Chaam from Dec 21- 28 (8 days). Our intention to stay as following :-
Day 1 - KL/Penang (back to my home town to visit my parents)
Day 2 - Pg / SuratThani (Please recommend if you have better place to recommend)
Day 3 - Surat Thani / Hua Hin or Chaam
Day 4 - Hua Hin or Chaam
Day 5 - Hua Hin or Chaam
Day 6 - Hua Hin / Hat Yai
Day 7 - Hat Yai / Penang
Day 8 - Pg / KL
Kindly comments the above should you have any better recommendation.
Any options we have in mind is spend 9 days, 2 nites in Pg, i nite in Surat Thani, 2 nites in Hua Hin, 2 nites in Bangkok, 1 nite in Hat Yai.
From Hua Hin to Bangkok, we will not drive and we intend to travel there by van so that we will not catch into Bangkok heavy traffic.
Please advise, thank you.

dangibas's picture

Sounds good! I'd leave out Bangkok and watch out in Hua Hin - can be very busy there as it's quite close to BKK for their weekend getaways.. can fill up. Also instead of Surat Thani - go the bit extra and get the ferry to Koh Samui! Kids will LOVE it, there are a million activities there. Drive 10 metres and there is a new attraction... :D

Dear Dan,

I am planning to drive from Penang to Bangkok with my wife and a 19month old son. Would like your recommendation on which city or hotel should be safe to stay for a night during my journey. Thanks.

dangibas's picture

Hi Yong, you have soooo many choices! With a young kid, 1 to 2 years old I'd not use a budget hotel, so rule them out. Too dirty and not child safe. I'd go for a stop at a proper resort along the way, something 4 or 5*. If you don't have time and just want a place to sleep for the night you can book in advance a city hotel online. It's important to book in advance because you do not want to be driving around Thailand looking for a hotel at the last minute with a crying kid, believe me! I use Air Asia Go! for hotels in Asia and not US sites because it's local and trustworthy. Also their site is easy to use, cheap and accepts Malaysian cards for payment.

Hi Dan. thank u for giving advise everyone. this summer i'll go to thialand. i wanna go other near countries from thialand. how can i go other any famous and beautiful countries? which one is much better? and cheap comfortable. be the bus and airplane. THNK u

dangibas's picture

Welcome! From Thailand you can easily travel to lot's of nearby countries. If you enjoy travel - go by land. You see much much more and it becomes an adventure to enjoy. If you just want to get from A to B and travel light and without liquids and don't get stressed by stupid airport security then you can use one of many local budget airlines and get to a nearby capital city within 2 hours flight time or less from Bangkok. I'd recommend Cambodia 100% especially Siem Reap for Angkor Wat. South - I'd recommend Malaysia of course! Myanmar - more of a challenge because you need current information on their borders and depending where you are from - visa hassle. North - Laos is popular now. China! Amazing... but again - visa is a pain, depending where you are from. As you can see... you can get anywhere really. You could even drive to / from Europe, there are no limits ;)

hi Dan,

What about the legal requirement such as insurance, licence and etc. in Thailand.

thank you

dangibas's picture

Foreign licence is ok for short term, international license would be better. Insurance is sold near both sides of the border and at the zon duty free. If you smile and be polite with Thai police your should never have any problems, Thai's are super friendly and easy going when you are the same.

Hi Dan,

It is with great interest that I have read everything on your Blog,and your knowledge & help to everyone is indeed a great credit to you. You certainly have the patience of Job, as so many of your enquirers would find the answers to their questions if they actually took time to read all the previous questions.
My interest is that my Son & 2 others are riding F 650 GS's from Perth, Australia, going through Indonesia, and I am shipping my bike up to Port Kelang to meet up with them to do the Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam & Laos legs of their trip to the UK. As at last week from an avid rider in Asia & surrounds his words were " Yes you have no trouble getting your bike into Myanmar, and your Carnet de passage will be stamped. As I am speaking I have not heard of one of these bikes ever being allowed to exit the Country". The excuse when exiting is that the rider may leave but that formalities need to be done on the bike, which can take from weeks, to months to eternity. I.E. Your bike is held, & no matter how long you wait, you will never see it again. Apparently, that is how the Border officials make their money, by on-selling the bike, sometimes when you have hardly turned your back.
For all readers with motorbikes get a " Carnet de Passage" ( sort of Passport for your bike), before your trip , & INSIST it is stamped both when you enter and exit a Country, even if the Border Officials say it does not need stamping. INSIST. Without the exit stamp you could be up for anything up 700% import duty.

Hi! Dan, how are you ? , I would like to take my family 4 children ages 2, 4, 3, 8, me and my wife to Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam.I will be using my own ssangyong stavic car registred under my sisters name. Can I take my car into Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam.What are the vehicle formalities.I have a Malaysia and International Driver's License. I don't want to drive very far with children and get turned back at the border. Spending in those countries using credit card is ok? Please advice thinking of leaving in one week.Can I have your e-mail address please. Thank you so much.

Hi bro, I've read all the queries from friends all over the world. I am still not clear on this "Rental cars/bikes" thing. I have a suoerbike registered under my son, the bike is fully paid and it is not mortgage. We have the original registration card to bring along. The point is I am a Malaysian, am I allowed to drive the bike to Thailand via Bukit Kayu Hitam. Which authority that insist the vehicle MUST be under the traveller's name, Malaysian or Thais. Thank you bro.

dangibas's picture

Hi there, Yes the name MUST match - the person who owns the car / bike must be there. it's to stop anyone stealing vehicles. The only other way is to have a signed LETTER from the owner giving you permission and a clear copy of the ID of the vehicle owner. You can then get through the border but they will give you a very hard time. They can also delay you for a long time in the process and have been known to ask for bribes. Easier to take your son with you? ;)

Hi Dan,
Planning to drive from Penang to Vientiane,Laos in April. My main concern is the insurance. Will my truck be covered if its stolen? Please advise where to stop for the nite. I 'll probably take a slow drive and would like to stop after having driving 6-8 hours. thanks

dangibas's picture

Hi there, you will need at least 2 nights, probably 3 nights for this trip or you won't enjoy it. It is very very far and not like how it looks on a map. The roads are not like in Malaysia, some of them will be very slow and rough. Insurance is easy in Thailand, just read the terms and see if it covers for theft, it probably does if you get a good one. From Penang I don't think you can even get to Bangkok in 6 to 8 hours, more like 10 to 12 depending on weather and traffic and of course the border if there are queues. You need to stop for petrol, food and drinks... I really think you need to look more at the realistic journey time. Anyway, good luck, service your car and check everything 100 times before you go and you will be fine :)

dangibas's picture

Hi there, you will need at least 2 nights, probably 3 nights for this trip or you won't enjoy it. It is very very far and not like how it looks on a map. The roads are not like in Malaysia, some of them will be very slow and rough. Insurance is easy in Thailand, just read the terms and see if it covers for theft, it probably does if you get a good one. From Penang I don't think you can even get to Bangkok in 6 to 8 hours, more like 10 to 12 depending on weather and traffic and of course the border if there are queues. You need to stop for petrol, food and drinks... I really think you need to look more at the realistic journey time. Anyway, good luck, service your car and check everything 100 times before you go and you will be fine :)

Hey bro I was wondering if u can help me?
I plan on buying a kombi van doing a full renovation throughout the vehicle by installing a bed and campervan set up so I can live out of my van. I'm currently in Malaysia although I'm Australian so I won't have a problem passing most borders. I also want to install a dj booth inside and customise the roof so it can be raised up and I can dj straight out of my kombi. Same type of design u see everywhere in thailand with locals converting kombis into small bars. I plan to do the conversion to the highest standards to avoid any problems with road authorities. But I want to travel all through thailand and then head North into Laos then Burma then either India or China... Not so sure yet on my exact route but basically I would like to do this with my gf (Malaysian passport) and hopefully my beloved dog. I would really like to travel as far as possible and spread spread peace and love through music. I have been living abroad now for over 5yrs working in the music industry, but I've had enough of endless nights drinking and playing in clubs, I'd love to just travel the world by car and give music away to the world for free....
I feel this is my calling and I would like as much advice and help as possible.

dangibas's picture

Hi Felix,

You are mad lol... The only easy part of you plan is Thailand, I assume the other parts need visas in advance for Australians (Laos and Myanmar) - but your Malaysian GF will not need these as they are ASEAN countries. Taking the dog is also probably impossible other than smuggling it across borders. You also have challenges bring your vehicle ac cross the borders you mentioned. Only way to smooth these processes will cost $'s at the borders and be risky and stressful. Don't intend to be negative, but it could all be more stress than fun!


Hi planning a roadtrip driving my van from singapore to bangkok then pattaya in june.the furthest ive reached was krabi last december.just need your advice,where is the best 1night stop before reaching bangkok from hatyai..thanks & gd day.

dangibas's picture

Hi Hizan, you can try Chumpon or Hua Hin. I'd not recommend Phattalung (don't even take that section of route 4, use the east coast instead). Also avoid Surat Thani city (traffic jams and nothing pretty to see for a night stop). Dan

Hi Dan,

I am interested to do a drive from Hat Yai to BKK.

Was thinking of taking a bus from Penang to Hat Yai and then rent a car from Hat Yai and drive to BKK. Then BKK I will fly back to Kuala Lumpur. Question is, does Hat Yai have a car company that allows you to rent and drive then leave the car in their BKK branch?

Please advise.


P/s: Also, are there any potential danger for women driving from Hat Yai to BKK? Especially during October?

dangibas's picture

Hi Melissa!

"does Hat Yai have a car company that allows you to rent and drive then leave the car in their BKK branch"

Yes - the larger companies (with online booking) can do this just fine.

"are there any potential danger for women driving"

Yes - too many to list! LOL :D

Ok.. such as?

dangibas's picture

Just kidding... your question was funny. What's the difference between men and women driving? Surely the dangers are exactly the same. :)

Hi Dan. Planning to drive and experience the 1000 corners in Thailand. Any idea how long will it take if I decide to do this journey. From KL to Bangkok I know as I have driven few times. Tq

dangibas's picture

Wow... I haven't done the 1000 corners in Thailand so can't advise... but now I want to try it too :D

Name the top 5 danger…?

As currently it is just me and my girlfriend. May another guy friend will join...

dangibas's picture


Forest Fires

Motorbikes I am assuming they drive crazily like in Bangkok?

Dogs and floods I can understand that too...

But Cobras?? Forest Fires?? Men??

I mean if we stay in the car...and only stop at Phuket and occassional petrol station... shouldnt have problems correct? Same goes for forest fires?

Men... i guess this is unavoidable given they are everywhere in the world?

Which car co do you highly recommend btw?

dangibas's picture

I was just joking by the way. I'd recommend a Nissan GTR for the trip, or a convertible sports car.

Hi Dan..

I've done my trip which I planned to execute it on April 2013 (last year), but I've no chance to execute it last time..
so I went to Hat Yai a few weeks ago on 10th April to 14th April 2014..

basically, I've no problem on it, since I've read your guideline a few times, and the most challenging part is on the Thai's border..

Let me explain a bit on the process that I went trough..

1. when going into Malaysian's border, is just like you going out from Malaysia to Singapore, no need to get out from the vehicle..

2. after the immigration booth, there will be a Malaysian side security checkpoint, but the officer didn't ask me to do anything, so just go through the checkpoint..

3. after the Malaysian security checkpoint, we will have the duty free complex, because of the time limit, I've to go straight to the Thai's border..

4. before the Thai's border, I park my vehicle on the left side of the Thai immigration and Custom building..

5. after I park my vehicle, I go straight to the immigration booth which is located in the middle of the road, if I'm not mistaken is numbered as booth 9, 10, and 11..

6. I passed my passport to the immigration officer, and collect it after he finished. don't forget to check the visa's..

7. Here is the challenging part, after finish to get a stamp on my passport, I went to the line that most of the traveler Q-ing with the vehicle grants in hand. after I reach the Custom window, I pass my vehicle grants with the Thai insurance, I waited for a moment, and I get a form which is typed and printed in the form, my vehicle details..

8. finish from the custom booth, I went to the next window, which is only next from the window that you collect the printed form. I gave the form to the officer, and he asked where is my vehicle, and I said "my vehicle is at car park", so he ask me to get my vehicle, and after that he will give me the form which I signed and he stamped before..

9. after that, I went to the carpark and get my vehicle and go back to the custom booth, and then another officer checking on my vehicle registration plate and the form to make sure it is the same vehicle, and after that, that officer passed me the forms, and I drove out from the building..

when I need to going back to Malaysian side, is the same process..

1. park your vehicle, and get the passport ready..

2. go to the immigration booth, and get the passport stamped, on that day, I've been asked for RM2 from the lady immigration officer, I'm not sure what is it for, but I just gave her RM2..

3. after the immigration booth, go straight to the custom booth and hand out the form that you have on the day that you going in to Thailand, and the officer will receive it and you just go straight away to your vehicle and go to the Malaysian side..

4. after the Thai's immigration and custom, go back to Malaysian immigration and custom, and proceed just as same as you are coming back to Malaysian side from Singapore..

That's all..
hopefully it will help you guys..

Thank you Dan!!!
you help me a lot..

dangibas's picture

Nice summary, thanks! 100% accurate.

"go to the immigration booth, and get the passport stamped, on that day, I've been asked for RM2 from the lady immigration officer, I'm not sure what is it for, but I just gave her RM2.."

-- It's an illegal payment. I usually refuse to pay but many people make it worse by putting RM1 in their passport when they pass to immigration. Anyone reading this - it's free - Don't pay anything - it's a form of corruption.

i am planning to travel betong via kulalampoor pls give me tips like were to get the bus and travel time.

dangibas's picture

Try to Gerik and to Pengkalan Hulu from KL... Ask at the ticket counters. Travel time by bus must be about 12 days :P


We are planning to drive from KL to Kanchanburi,then back to Bangkok for few days. We do not intent to use our own car in Bangkok. Please advise any hotel easy access to highway to avoid the traffic in Bangkok city.

dangibas's picture

Hi! You can't really avoid the traffic in Bangkok but you could drive direct to Kanchanaburi northbound past the city or you could just deal with the traffic in Bangkok itself. Finding a hotel at the last minute is usually easier than booking in advance because its difficult to know what time you will arrive at the hotel, difficult to know you can even find the hotel! and difficult to know how tired you will be at that time. Maybe just drive to Kanchanaburi and when you are tired look for a hotel at that time, that's what I would do and I've found great hotels and adventures with this method lol...

Hi Dan, Riding motorcycle from Kuala Lumpur to Myawaddy Burma. Can you kindly tell me approx. travel time? How many days should I expect? Thanks

dangibas's picture

Hi! Sorry I've not been to that part of Myanmanr so can't help. What border crossing will you take?

From KL, I will actually end up crossing "The goodwill bridge between Thailand and Myanmar in Myawady. "

Also, I have my wife and friend who will follow in a vehicle to Thai/Malay borderr. I have to arrange their transport form Malaysia border to Myawady. Any rental vehicle, or hired driver thoughts? Greatly appreciated.



hi Dan,

I'm planning a road trip by driving from singapore to china so hope you can give some pointers and tips.Planning by route of malaysia,thailand,cambodia,vietnam and to the Tianbao border crossing in china. Apart from visas for each country what are the documents needed to drive through these countries?Safety aspects and petrol station are major concerns.Thanx in advance Dan

Hi Dan,

I plan to travel to thailand this coming school holiday, 3/6-6/6 or 7/6/15 from puchong wth baby, kids and adults.can u suggest the places/attractions/cities in thailand that are worth to go within the limited time?any suggestion for hotels n halal food?.tq

dangibas's picture

Hi there,

I'd recommend 3 places -

Betong - chinese style town but can find halal. interesting for history from the malaya emergency days.
Songkhla - easy to find halal food. beaches, hill temple tour, monkeys
Hat Yai - shopping - easy to find halal food in the city center. some hotels are also halal if you check first.

So long as you stay in Yala, Patani, Songkla, Narathiwat then you can also speak some BM with some locals as well as see some masjid there. their bahasa is close enough boleh faham sikit :)

More North you go the less the BM and the less halal will be available.

Hotels always easy to find and book - but not on vacation times and weekends can be full so book online first.

Hi Dan,

I plan to travel to thailand this coming school holiday, 3/6-6/6 or 7/6/15 from puchong wth baby, kids and adults.can u suggest the places/attractions/cities in thailand that are worth to go within the limited time?any suggestion for hotels n halal food?.tq

dangibas's picture

Replied atas ;)

Hi. I'm fransisco from Indonesia. I have a plan to drive my car from Jakarta to Bangkok. I have some question. First, from singapore to bangkok.How much the fuel price per litre in Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand? And then, can I passes the border in bukit kayu hitam to thailand with my car from Indonesia. Thank you.

dangibas's picture

Hi Fransisco,

Petrol is cheapest in Malaysia so avoid filling up in Singapore. Fill up in Malaysia before you get near to the border with Thailand. If you try and fill up a foreign car next to the border they will only allow you to buy 97 - which is more expensive. Maybe in Kedah fill up not too close by bukit kayu hitam. Yes I think you can take an indo car to Thailand -- the process should be 100% the same as for malaysian cars. you need to queue on foot at the customs booth and pass the lady you passport (already thai stamped) and you car ownership document.

have a nice trip!

Hi. I would like to know is it possible for me to drive a malaysian registered vehicle in to vietnam?

dangibas's picture

Yeah sure so long as you are not a member of Barisan National.

I am solo women had been across Peninsular Malaysia to Thailand with just driving the perodua kancil. Sleeping in car or backpaker hostel to save costs. Stop & sightseeing in segamat malacca,kuala pilah, kl, cameron highland, Ipoh, teluk intan, Penang, kedah, perlis, hatyai, Songkla, krabi, trang, phang nga, phuket, hua hin for 3 weeks.

dangibas's picture

ok terbaik

hi, i would like to get some info to drive to koh phangan.
1) how long it will take to reach surat thani if i drive from KL.
2) how much it will cost if i drive.
3) what i should prepare before i start my travel.

thanks a lot in advance.

dangibas's picture


1) Depends how fast you go and the traffic etc
2) Depends on your vehicles fuel consumption and your lifestyle
3) Depends on how organized you are and what you want to take VS buy on the way

I'm planing to take the Kuala lumpur - Bangkok distance on a scooter!
I'll have about 9 days to it. No Highways I guess?!
Do you recommend it?
Where can I buy a reliable cheap scooter in Kuala Lumpur?
Can I sell it Bangkok?

dangibas's picture

Hi! Yes you can do it. there are main roads, but not "highways" all the way. Mostly single lane each way. there are 18 million "moto" shops in Malaysia selling bikes from just RM2K and up. You can sell in BKK but only as spare parts - not the whole vehicle. Also you are not supposed to - you are legally supposed to take the vehicle back over the same border it arrived at within 30 days and pass customs with the form - or get a fine of X million Thai Baht.

Hi Dan,

My wife and I are heading to the Thailand & Cambodia border to pick up my Pastor who was hurt in an accident a week back and is not allowed to fly. Could you give us some details on the trip? We are concern about safety and the road condition. We are playing to drive an Honda HRV.

Thanks in advance.


dangibas's picture

Leaving him in Cambodia isn't an option then? Or telling him to take a bus?

Hi, Dan,

I have some enquiries regarding payment of Tolls apart from Bangkok. Do I need to pay toll at Highway 4 Golok to Bangkok and to the North after Bangkok? Thanks.

Hi Dan,
I planned to drive PJ => Bangkok => PJ (2016 Feb 11~20, 10 days).Is this sufficient?
Intend to reach BKK after two days and then drive slowly downward to M'sia.
Is this workable and is able to make 3~4 nights stops along the way?


My name's Francisco. I'm from Indonesia. Thank you for your advice to me. My plan is to drive my car from Jakarta to Bangkok with Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8. I have many question for you to tips for my trip because this is the first time to me to drive a car cross country. If I come from Indonesia to Singapore and continue to Malaysia and Thailand, it is difficult or easy to cross the border between Singapore and Malaysia, and Malaysia - Thailand. Honestly, can we meet maybe in Singapore to guide the road to Bangkok Thailand and maybe you can give many advice.

Thank you

hi there, i am planning to travel to INDIA by road with my friends. I believe we need to crossover few country. from google we found that its about 92hrs travelling, 5,409km almost to 5 days travel.

1.please advise which route should we take .
2.will it be highway all the way or coastal roads? bout VISA/PASSPORT or border pass anyone out there been to india by road trip? please share your experience.

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