Malaysia: One abortion for every five pregnancies, says survey

According to this article in the Star: There is one abortion for every five pregnancies in the country, according to a random survey by several private clinics. Sin Chew Daily quoted the Reproductive Rights Advocacy Alliance Malaysia chairman Dr Choong Sim Poey as saying that although the abortion rate in Malaysia was not higher than that in the Western countries, it was on par with the figure in developing countries. “The highest number of abortions among ASEAN countries is in Vietnam, where there is one abortion for every three pregnancies. “This is because their awareness on contraception is not very high,” he said. Dr Choong said he was disappointed that abortion was not available to women in public hospitals. “This will cause many women to delay undergoing abortion and encourage the proliferation of such services in the black market. “Due to this reason, many private hospitals are charging exorbitant fees to perform abortions. “Some private hospitals are charging RM2,000 to RM3,000 while some are asking for RM200 to RM300,” he said, adding that according to statistics by the police, there were at least 100 abandoned babies a year. If there is one abortion in every five pregnacies then almost 1 in 5 mothers has committed a criminal offense because abortion is Illegal in Malaysia unless the mothers life is in danger (and there must be collaborative corroborated evidence to support the diagnosis).  It's unlikely that 1 in 5 mothers are almost at deaths door by carrying a baby.  This means that only if carrying the baby will directly with absolute certainty kill the mother can an abortion be carried out.   Dr Choong has what motives for campaigning in support of a crime in such a deceptive manor? The illegal abortion centres actually create their own business.  If these centers are wiped out and the evil, profiteering scum that operate them jailed then people will take more care with contraception and responsibility / religious duties.  If a pill existed that made hangovers history then people will care less about getting drunk.  If a pill existed that made it impossible to get addicted to nicotine then more people will care less about smoking.  Consequesnces exist because they need to.  People create their own futures.  Don't play God - because no one is - playing god is the devils work.


It's a pity the the writer of the above comment can't even check the facts. Of course, abortion is legal in this country; under penal code 312 (1989 amendment)it allows for a qualified doctor to perform abortions in this country. The condition required is that the doctor seeing the patient is of the opinion that continuing the pregnanacy would be 'injurious to the woman's mental or physical health (more than if the pregnancy were continued to term). Making abortions illegal merely result in more abortions being perform by unqualified persons and more complications and deaths (and more expensive). This is a well proven statistic in many countries where abortions are more restrictive. You may get the correct information from our website or the UN website under abortion laws.
Regards, S P Choong (Dr) Co-Chair, Reproductive Rights Advocacy Alliance Malaysia (RRAAM).

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Hi Dr. Choong,

Thanks for reading the comments! I did however check and state the facts, please see above - "abortion is Illegal in Malaysia unless the mothers life is in danger".

What you say - "Making abortions illegal merely result in more abortions being perform by unqualified persons and more complications and deaths (and more expensive)." This may be true depending on what one draws from sets of statistics.

My problem with the article in the Star was more that it failed to mention the legal status of abortion in Malaysia and as such could have been very misleading. Without further checking anyone could have read that article and misunderstood the status of abortion in Malaysia.

I think if you want to campaign to change the law it could be done more carefully especially when lives are at risk. In my opinion it's best to have choice in society on any issues - however there must be protection and responsibility along the way. Respect is also important especially for religious groups here - as every religious group in Malaysia (which is a very religious country!) forbids abortion.

Overseas where views are more relaxed on abortion there are often large sections of society who do not practice religion, including in my own country - the UK. Sure it can be an individuals choice but higher powers need to take care, enforce and educate people along the way. It's no good just saying legalize abortion without even having formal sex education in schools! The real joke here is when you ask teens how they can get pregnant. Could it be kissing or oral sex? Many don't have a clue.

Education must come first then in my opinion there could never be any need for a single abortion unless as the law states - it can cause significant threats to the mothers life. Other reasons could include rape. After consensual sex why could there ever be a need for an abortion? People need to be responsible and better educated.

Well thanks for sharing your opinion! I hope there are others out there who are interested in the subject who perhaps can lobby the government for sex education.

By the way, have you heard about the baby drop off initiative? Don't you agree that is better than abortion - a place where "unwanted babies" can be given a shot at life? Surely this is a brilliant option that should be expanded upon.


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Forgot to mention the 3 month rule... no kind of abortion whatsoever is allowed after 3 months gestation correct? That's what all the legal journals say that I have read...

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