Road Trip From Kuala Lumpur To Betong, Yala, Pattani And Hat Yai - Thailand

me - hot and sweaty during the trip

Bored with the usual border crossing at Bukit Kayu Hitam, Malaysia and Sadao, Thailand and with the crossing at Padang Besar (Padang Basar to Thais) I decided to go for a more adventurous route!

There are a few main border crossing points betwen Malaysia and Thailand. The most popular is Bukit Kayu Hitam - and it is normally very busy and can be stressful. There are also crossing points in Kelantan at Jeli (very small) and near Kota Bahru.

The Betong crossing must be the most exciting and has the best scenery. The Betong route also has the least traffic and stress - with a que of just 4 people at the immigration posts instead of the usual 40 to 400 over strong crowds that are normal at Bukit Kayu Hitam.

Despite the recent and ongoing troubles in the South of Thailand I have to say it is still very safe for foreigners regardless. Once you pass Betong and throught the entire stretch from there to Yala to Pattani the Thai military is everywhere putting on a big show of force.

I have to say I felt very safe indeed with Thai military "humvees" and APCs every couple of KM along the roads - roadblocks about every 2.5 to 5km and a huge number of foot soldiers including special forces walking patrols up and down the roads.

The soldiers were all very friendly and all smiles. They seemed happy to see some foreign faces and it probably brightend up their day to think that they made us feel safe enough to even be there. They are doing a great job and Thailand and visitors like myself owe them some thanks for the security they are providing.

If you are planning a road trip and thinking about going to Betong, Yala or Pattani then don't let the news reports and "mini-war" that is going on put you off. The reports are not exaggerated and bombs do go off and people do die however the area believe it or not is still safe for travellers. The area is too beautiful to be missed!

Thai soldiers on patrol in Yala Province - Thailand

Photo above: Thai soldiers on a foot patrol along the road.

welcome to Yala!

Photo above: Welcome To Yala! road sign.

Entering a road block / checkpoint in Yala

Photo above: Entering a roadblock / checkpoint in Yala.

The map below shows the main routes to drive from Gerik up to Pengkalan Hulu - the border with Thailand.

The map below shows the terrain around Betong.

The best part of the road trip is the drive between Betong and Yala. This is the most mountainous part. The lake and rivers are high up and don't sit at the bottom of the valley. I think there is a dam causing this as it seems unnatural for a lake to be at such an altitude.

Some photos of the lake taken on route 4106 between Betong and Yala:

Photo: The Lake from the road between Betong and Yala, Thailand.

Photo: The Lake from the road between Betong and Yala, Thailand.

One more photo of the lake

One more photo of the lake

Check out the map below for the Betong to Yala route.

The road map below is zoomed out a bit to show the whole area covered in the trip. Betong to Yala to Pattani to Chana / Songkhla province and finally the busy city of Hat Yai.

The image below shows a closer view of the border crossing point at Pengkalan Hulu, Malaysia and Betong, Thailand. You can see the jungle scenery and it is quite mountainous.

Interesting facts, KL to Betong:

  • Betong in Thai is เบตง.
  • Yala in Thai is ยะลา.
  • Pattani in Thai is ตตาน.
  • The name Pattani is actually the Thai corruption of "Pantai Ini" in Bahasa Malaysia. In English this means "this beach".
  • Pattani history lesson - Since the late 1700's Pattani province has been in and out of control of both Thailand and Great Britain. It has also been independant and semi-independant. Recent conflicts over religion and political issues have seen the area turn into a semi war zone since 2004 as many locals support a fresh militant movement for independance from Thailand.
  • Betong has a strong communist history - former communist militias who battled against British, Malaysian and Thai forces are still alive and living in Betong. Vietnamese VC (Viet Cong) came to Betong to train militias and many remnants of their battles remain in Betong such as the famous Betong communist tunnels.

Some links for more information to help you plan any trip the area:

Finally here is a very useful roadmap of Hat Yai because it can be tricky to exit the city in the right direction unless you are familiar with the roads already...

Hat Yai Road Map


Hey there!
Interesting post.

The meaning of Pattani is wrongly stated in your text which is really very informative and reasonably helpfull, However I have to relate the Pattani thing, in actual Pattani means agriculturist, Thailand which we see today has a very good relationship with India similarly Burma, One can never dismiss the influence Buddism in Thailand. After Lord Budda, today we can see tamil words in Thailand and also in many other surrounding countries. PATTANI means Agriculturists, or peasants growing vegitables, it's a Tamil word. Dont relate it differently please!!!

dangibas's picture

Hi! Thanks for your comment and opinion. It's highly unlikely that Pattani originates as you suggest from Tamil (I think you meant Sanskrit). In fact it's certainly as I said - a Pattani Malay word derivation from Pantai ini. See -

If you are not from Pattani you can try asking the locals and I'm sure they will tell you. Pattani has long historical ties with Malaya and the Malay people and language and the origin of the name of the province is evidently a part of that rich history.

You can almost imagine someone responsible for mapping Thailand a long time ago standing on the beach at Pattani who doesn't understand the local language asking a local "Where is this place, what's it called?" and the local replying "this beach?" ("Pantai ini?").

There is no evidence or plausible theory to backup you idea that the name of the province is linked to Sanskrit though...

dangibas's picture

Also in the book "Sejarah Kerajaan Melayu Patani" or History of the Malay Kingdom of Patani the author Ibrahim Syukri states that the Sultan Ismail Shah exclaimed "Pantai Ini!" and the name just stuck... I think Ibrahim Syukri must have researched this before publishing so he must have good reason to believe and write what he did! :)

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Have you been up there before?


Yeap. Through Kelantan and South Malaysia :)
Did you try the small boat to cross the Kelantan-Thailand border? It was creepy on my first time (I was 5, I guess) :)

dangibas's picture

I have not tried that route but it sounds like a good adventure. What were you doing? Smuggling diesel / petrol?

LOL You have a good memory @ 5 I was probably drunk all the time so sadly I have few memories of being 5.

I'm gonna research this route some more and if it's still open I might give it a try one day.


The Lake look so mysterious. Must be full of adventures trip.

dangibas's picture

It's a really beautiful place I'd love to go again. The view is amazing. Have u been to Thailand Crystal?

Yes, I've been to Bangkok and also Hat Yai few years back.
Love to go again. It's really interesting place to visit.

I went to Bangkok backpack with my friends and thn we met our net friend over there, so its really great experiences.

Hat Yai i went with a group by couch, used travel agent.

If I have the chances I want to go to Chieng Mai.

dangibas's picture

Hi Crystal,

Yeah I've heard Chiang Mai is really beautiful - I have not been that far north though - it's a really long trip unless you fly.

I'm going to Phuket tonight! Wooo hoooo!


Bon Voyage!.... have a nice trip and do share with us yr experiences.

dangibas's picture

:) an elephant tried to steal my laptop last night but I just got away in time but thats another story...

hi, good blog. need advise...did you drive up on your own? I'm thinking to drive up to thailand via betong between xmas and new year. Bad jams or human queue during this period? good english thai road maps available at thai border?
possibly heading up to surathani, hoping to kosamui.

dangibas's picture

Hi Sakatsu,

Cheers! I drove up with my girlfriend. I don't think there will be any jams once you are out of KL / whichever city. Betong is quite a small town. Check out MPH before you leave or try a shop at a large petrol station in Thailand or a big book shop in Hat Yai to get maps. You could also print out from Google Maps online :)

Yep you should go up to Ko Samui - follow the coast road along the East Coast for beautiful scenery. If you are in a rush then go up the centre via Phattalung as the road there is faster.

Have a nice trip!


hi dan,

you done so many driving to thailand so admire you. my only experience is drive through sg golok at kelantan. That time i'm driving a rent car, i pass by the check point without valid car document and passport being stamp. the local there told me to do so, coz they pass the border everyday in that manner. but once i come back i realise how big mistake it was if i got caught.

Anyway, i advice all of you dont cross through sg golok, cos that is where 80% of the insurgent happened. watch out.!!


I plan to drive in to Betong town through Pengkalan Hulu (former name is Kroh/Keroh) in the morning and return before sunset. It will be during CNY January 2009. Always been to Pengkalan Hulu but never entered Betong as have been warned not to take risk but I felt like taking the family in once, have some shopping for Thai products, enjoy some good local food and get back to M'sia without staying overnight. Any suggestions and/or opinion?



hi andrew, just returned from betong and several south thai towns. the checkpoint here very relaxed. get your entry cards from information center otherwise thai immigration take opportunity to fill up forms and charge you RM2/pax. very safe with many guard checkpoints just as dan mentioned. ventured into in yala for a daytrip too. not much to see.
i enjoyed driving there as drivers there seem a lot more polite and so much less honking (other than me :P) compared to malaysia. betong a little quiet and things much more affordable than hatyai. go for it!!
may put up a blog on my trip sometime soon.

Hi Sakatsu

thanks your reply. Just some confirmation about vehicle entry requirements: 1) I just need to bring a photocopy of car registration stamped/signed by any police station convenient or at the police station in Pengkalan Hulu? 2) I need to buy a short trip vehicle insurance in Betong and how much the cost? 3) I notice Thai cars in M'sia need to have alphabetical translation of car number plate. Do M'sian cars going into Thailand need to have sign plate for translation to Thai ?? Thanks again.


1)original copy is best
2)different policies different rate/duration, possibly RM20 above. if you don't get out of betong, insurance isnt necessary.
have fun.

Thanks Sakatsu !!!

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Hi all,

I would really recommend the insurance. It's technically illegal not to get it too. I was once hit by a truck at 100km/h. Insurance is good :)


Hi all

Your info has been most helpful. Thanks also to travelfish for Betong town map.
Went to Betong day trip on 29 Jan 2009 instead. Got to checkpoint at about 1.20pm.
M'sian side was a breeze, in the car all the time but at Betong Thailand side, all
passengers got to get down and Q. Went to form counter and was filled by ladies
sitting there at RM2/passport. Then only 2 out of 3 immigration counters were open
and the Q moved very very slow. Many latecomers cut Q and we ended up 1 & half
hours at the Q. Then we proceeded to Customs for Car Declaration Form. Have to pay
RM3/car. Passport visit pass and car declaration valid for one month stay. Did not
ask about insurance and never got any. Just a day trip, drove in and out before
border closes, luckily, without any problems. Saw many police on bikes and army
pick-ups on duty roaming the streets. Many M'sian cars, some super bikes and some
S'pore cars too. Too short a time for Hot Spring & Piyamit Tunnel. Will leave that
for next trip with proper planning to stay overnight. Thailand time is 1 hour
behind M'sia. Checkpoints closed at 7pm M'sian time and 6pm Thailand time. Be
careful to keep track of time or will have to stay one night in Betong. Thanks!!

Hi all...

I always travel to Betong almost every month. It's really a nice place tho'. It's really peaceful there. No car honking (like in M'sia). It's better if you have someone that can guide you around. You might bring your family for fishing, shopping, or maybe go to Piyamit tunnel too, and don't forget to order "Duck Soup" when you go to Piyamit Tunnel. It's a glamor "herb-soup" among Betong people.

Well, it's not all happening like Danok or Hatyai, but Betong just suits me. It makes me feel like home...

dangibas's picture

Hi Red,

I miss Betong! Nice to go and relax there... where do you go for good fishing? I need to give that a try!


i've found your blog unattentionly. it' greatful so much. there are also many attraction places that, I think, you've never been before. I volunteer myself that take you roam in my homeland--patani, yala, narathiwat. if it is possible when you come this area, contact me. i gonna be your tour guid.

see u

dangibas's picture

Hi Nuslan,

Thanks for your invite to Pattani! Very kind... yes one day I'll travel back around Pattani, Yala and Narathiwat... a tour guide will be useful :)


hi there...

huhuu, sorry for the really late reply. well, i think i'm going there again next month or so since i have few probs here with my work. perhaps, we could stay on contact through YM!...? add me at

i'll wait for ya..
about d fishing place, i can't really explain..
i'll tell u in YM ok..?
nice to know ya..
(by d way, there's few clubs has juzz been closed down there, and will be open soon.. and there's newer club has juzz open... haha... PM me in YM for more infos...)

dangibas's picture

Hi Red,

No problemo, nice to hear from you again. Give me a shout when you next go to Betong! If I can make it for a road trip then I'll go! Adding you to YIM.



Dear Dan...

I just came back from Betong last 2 weeks... i really forgot about this Blog... hehe... sorry. Well, I might plan to go there next 2 months.... really miss my girl there. Well, you haven't added me in YM! yet... try adding me in MSN since i'm always on-line... :

ok Dan, hope to hear from you soon... (",)

Just found a useful list of hotels in Betong...

* Grand View (แกรนด์ วิว) 30-34 Grand villa Road (Tel: 0 7324 5510-6) 86 rooms: 690-750 baht
* Cathay Betong (คาเธ่ย์ เบตง) 17-21 Chantarothai (Tel: 0 7323 0996-9) 99 rooms: 590-640 baht
* Jacky Chan (แจ๊คกี้ ชาน) 226 Sukkhayang Road (Tel: 0 7323 0710) 16 rooms: 250-350 baht
* Sometime Resort (ซัมไทม์ รีสอร์ท) 42/20 Kunung Chanong Road (Tel: 0 7324 5611-2) 22 rooms: 500-800 baht
* Thai Hotel (ไทย โฮเต็ล) 25 Rattanakit (Tel: 0 7323 1036) 81 rooms: 200-350 baht
* Night Resort (ไนท์ รีสอร์ท) Sukkhayang Road (Tel: 0 7324 5620-4) 44 rooms: 800-2,500 baht
* Betong Hotel (เบตง โฮเต็ล) 13/6 Saritdet Road (Tel: 0 7323 1231) 37 rooms: 120-250 baht
* Betong City Plaza (เบตง ซิตี้ พลาซ่า) 1 Thamwithi (Tel: 0 7323 0441-3) 130 rooms: 300-800 baht
* Betong Merlin (เบตง เมอร์ลิน) 33 Chayachawarit Road (Tel: 0 7323 0222-40) 190 rooms: 875-3,600 baht
* Penhouse Resort (เพนท์ เฮ้าส์) 68/1 Rattanasathian Road (Tel: 0 7323 1501-2) 36 rooms: 580-720 baht
* FourTuna (โฟร์ทูน่า) 50-58 Phakdidamrong Road (Tel: 0 7323 1180) 71 rooms: 500-600 baht
* Faanrung (ฟ้าอันรุ่ง) 113/1-2 Chantharotai (Tel: 0 7323 1403) 38 rooms: 120-220 baht
* My House Hotel (มาย เฮ้าส์ โฮเต็ล) 27 Rattanakit (Tel: 0 7323 0525-6) 63 rooms: 300-500 baht
* Metro (เมโทร) 8/2 Chantharotai Road Soi 1 (Tel: 0 7323 0741) 19 rooms: 250-350 baht
* River Inn Resort (ริเวอร์ อินน์ รีสอร์ท) 42/21 Kunung Chanong Road (Tel: 0 7323 4175-6) 21 rooms: 500 baht
* Sri Chareong (ศรีเจริญ) 29 Chirachinda Road (Tel: 0 7323 0537) 40 rooms: 120-200 baht
* Sri Betong (ศรีเบตง) 2-4 Thamwithi Road (Tel: 0 7323 1560) 120 rooms: 700-800 baht
* Sang fa (แสงฟ้า) 90 Rattanasathian Road (Tel: 0 7323 1195) 46 rooms: 130-250 baht

Found on WikiTravel :) I'd rather stay further up North in Yala near the Lake!

need to ask....from if malaysia car entered betong n stay for 2 3 night...
what do i need to have or pay?

dangibas's picture

Hi Malique,

Thanks for reading my blog :) It's free to take your car over the border to Thailand, however you should buy "temporary insurance" in order to be legal on the road. This only costs about RM28. Most people don't bother but better safe than sorry!

Have as nice trip!


ooo... u r welcome...
thanks for the info..will be going there end of this month....
everything is safe there right....

dangibas's picture

Hi Malique,

Have a nice trip! yes I'd say it's very safe. There is a huge military presence and Betong town itself is very well guarded as are all of the roads and villages in the area. Just take care and slow down to dead slow through the road blocks - you don't want to go through too fast in case the soldiers open fire!


it is safe driving in thailand. personally i have done road trip from kl to hatyai, trang, krabi, phukat and koh samui. The road is in good condition (same like in Malaysia).

Now i begin to plan a road trip from kl to bangkok or further to changmai. anyone did the trip before??

Enjoy driving in thialand.

dangibas's picture

Hi there,

Sure... I've driven to Bangkok from KL several times! There is an old blog post I wrote about it here - Needs updating a bit but basic information is all there. I have not been as far north as Chaing Mai. I've done side trips to the Myanmar border at Sai Yot area (past Kanchanaburi) and also over towards Cambodia via Chon Buri and Pattaya. I recall reading a blog a couple of years back about a car club in Singapore who were making regular road trips driving from Singapore to China - probably Kunming / Yunnan. They probably passed through Northern Thailand - try a web search and see if they are still active!

Nice places to stop on the way to Bangkok are Chumphon and Hua Hin! Check them out :)

Hello Dan.... and Malique.... (",)

Dan, I just came back last 2 weeks... and i think i'm going there again this month on the 26th.... Well, Betong is really safe now i should say. Nothing to worry about. no fights, bom, and so on. I'm really addicted to the fishing place i used to go.. love fishing.. hehe.

Owh.. one more thing.. Dan, have you tried the duck herb soup at the Piyamit tunnel...? gosh.. it's really tasty.. i mean, i really like it. It really cools down the body and all. And yes, there is one thing not that good about Betong.. the weather there is "SO" hot.. i mean, really hot. huhu...

Dan, and Malique, if you're going there this month, make sure u e-mail me ok..? maybe we could meet up or somethin... (",)

p/s; Dan, it's been quite sumtimezx i didn't hear from u... r u back in msia yet? (",)

Hi Dan,

A very good info indeed, I came across your blog and what u r telling is 100% true...i've been driving to hatyai,songkhla,trang,krabi and phuket myself...

The scenery is very very nice...and the ppl over there are friendly as well...

WOW! First trip to Betong. Hate the Immigration , Thai lady jump Q.
The "Taxi" man block my way into Betong asking for $$$. Afraid he has Gun .... S*** , S20 settled him.
Raining for the 3 days in Betong Town Centre , Shops closed damm early.

Immagine Disco Close at 8pm ...@# HAHA. Come at the wrong time. Things are not cheap , problem with language but fortunely , some Malaysians food store owners are ok with Cantonese and Mandarin & Malay.But the ood restoran are not cheap.

Massage at $28 for 2 hrs. Some roads are really unpassable when rain fulls for days. I am blessed that someone give me a lift to "Friendship Town One" for dinner.But he 1st went to "Friendship Town Two..WRONG WAY !!.UP the hill down the valley..Wah hungry like hell.

If I drive , I think my Honda Jazz 1.3 Manual 2009 model will be towed back to Singapore mann. My goodness!! SRI BETONG Hotel no hot water to comsume...Wah.. I need to feed milk to my 2 year old.

Transfer to Rainbow hotel..Thank God.. At least hot water can be found at the reception Counter. Amazing , WI FI is FOC and cost only S55/night.

Anyway I still enjoy all this surprises with huge anger at times. I will not come back again UNLESS for Thai massage ONLY!

Pls pardon my singlish.

Truely yours,

dangibas's picture

Hi Stephen,

Sounds like fun! lol... Yes the borders are usually like this with Thailand - I guess I just got used to it! The roads can be very bad in the hills around Betong too but I think any manual car will be fine. Bad luck with the weather I guess!


Me and gang are planning trip to Betong during the forthcoming long Labour Day weekend. However, last week there were reports of bombing in Yala. That incident scared the s***out of my sister and she decided to cancel the trip ........... wonder what those mad lunatics will do next if we stroll along the streets of Betong. Bumped into a cousin sis who lives in Rantau Panjang and she assured me such mini incidents are common and should not be a reason to put off a visit to such a beautiful and enjoyable Thai border town. So we go afterall ........... wow ! ! !

dangibas's picture

Hi Charlie,

Don't worry about it - I'm sure it's safe. If you let things like this scare you then you are letting them win. I'd say just go and have fun, enjoy the food and the friendly people in the town. If you get a change - get up to the Lakes to the north of Betong. As you can see from the photos - it's really beautiful! There are wild rambutan growing along the road side, plent of fruit stalls too and cute kambing running around!


dangibas's picture

Hi Mindra!

Lucky you... Betong is a nice place to visit :)

Thank you for posting your experience about the border crossing!

About 10 or 11 years ago i found that nice crossing to Thailand. At that time HatYai had a heavy flood, the "usual" border was closed and the train from SungaiKolok to HatYai was not working (due to the flood). A Taxi driver in Butterworth was telling me the "secret" border crossing and drove me to the border. From then on I take the public bus from Butterworth (near the ferry) to Baling (at that time about RM2 but now perhaps RM5-6) and then another local/old bus to the Malaysian site border. Then walk over to the Thai border station. Then i take a pick-up taxi (sawnthauw?) to Betong. I stayed in Betong only twice, never had luck with the hotels. The food there is great as well as the people are nice. There are mini-vans to Yala town and i am not sure if there are still the old Mercedes Taxis around (6 passenger plus driver). It is a gorgeous drive down to Yala City. I am wondering about the climate since it is in high altitude. I am looking for the coldest location in Thailand (north or south) to settle. Any hint is appreciated. Thanks!

dangibas's picture

Hi Adam,

Nice trip! I'm sure Northern Thailand will be the coldest place to settle in the mountains... Most of the South is very low altitude and not so cool. Check out Chiang Mai? You can drive there from Malaysia in about 3 days stopping for a night somewhere in the South of Thailand, then one more night in Bangkok then up to Chiang Mai. There are also trains you can take for whole journey - KL to Bangkok (stop at Hat Yai if you like) then up to Chiang Mai.

Don't fly - you will miss everything in between A and B!


Cool feedback and information sharing. To Admin - Job well done with those fairly advice and scenarios. Plan to go on next coming weekend. Cheers

Dear Dan,
I am leaving for Betong this weekend with few friends.
Can you suggest a place closest to Betong town for snorkel? i saw pictures of a place full of tiger fishes in knee deep clearwater, do you have an idea where this place is?
Appreciate your suggestions.
Cheers ^-^

dangibas's picture

Hi Amy,

Have a nice trip to Betong! Sorry I don't know where this place is. I could be wrong but I don't think there are any spots to snorkel near Betong as it's inland. It does sound nice though... if it's not a myth! :)

The road trip from Kuala lumpur to Betong Yala Pattani is excellent. Know all about it

Hi!i am leaving for Betong next month with few friends.
May i know how many hours it will take from K.L. to Betong?

dangibas's picture

Hi Vins,

I forgot exactly but it's around 7 or 8 hours from KL to Betong including crossing the border. The slow part is the smaller road through Perak leading to Pengkalan Hulu. Fast part is the north south highway naturally :) Have fun!

Hi, Dan.

This March I'll go to KL then to Thailand. I'm really intrested via Betong route. However I don't drive a car. Is there any public transportation from KL to Betong? Thanks.


dangibas's picture

Hai Dwi, I think this will be difficult via public transport. You can get to Ipoh and Gerik on express busses. From Gerik I don't know how you can continue, possibly on local busses or by local taxis. Distance from Gerik to the border is about 50 to 60km. If you can find a bus from KL or Ipoh direct to either Baling or Pengkalan Hulu then they are both even closer than Gerik.

Thanks for the quick reply, Dan.
I wonder if there is a site in the internet to make people like me who wants to travel to a certain area with another people with same destination and the two people can share for the cost of petrol etc....

dangibas's picture

Sama sama :)

I don't know any for road trips but for sleeping arrangements there is "couchsurfing". I guess you can post on forums and blogs if you are looking for travel buddies to share costs with on your trips. If anyone is going to betong and the dates are good for you then maybe you can go together with another one of the readers of my blog! For me I'm not planning a trip right now to Betong but I'm going to drive to South Thailand elsewhere at some point in March (no confirmed date yet).


Yeah, I join Couchsurfing since June last year and have hosted so many people that came to Ambon, Mollucas. (You are also welcome here :) I also stayed with a couchsurfer when I travelled to KL last December. Are you also Couchsurfing user, Dan?
Anyway, this time I'll arrive at KL on March 23rd night. And will go to Thailand on 25th. But it's flexible. The certain thing is I have to go back to Indonesia on March 30th from LCCT, KL. Betong is not a must for me, but I have to go to Thailand (any routes)! So, please tell me if it's possible for us to travel together. It would be very nice.

If you feel more comfortable to contact me through my email:

dangibas's picture

Haha, I've hosted a few surfers but don't surf myself. I don't think I'll be in the area that time of March. Good luck for your trip though, I hope you can find a travel buddy or two :)

Thanks again Dan. Anyway, I have suggested to CS to create such a program like Travel Sharing. And while waiting for the CS staff working on it, I created Couchsurfing Travel Sharing group to accommodate those people who want travel together for efficiency reasons. :)

dangibas's picture

Nice one!

Hi Dan, I found a website to share travel cost.
However, it seems the users are mostly those who live in UK and around. Almost none in Asia.
Check it out!

dangibas's picture

Thanks, yes that is more for "car pooling" than for road trips and stuff :)

Hi Dan! just want to know where does one get the temporary insurance for driving in Thailand? did we get the insurance at the border crossing? Pls let me know cos I am planning a trip to there. Thanks

dangibas's picture

both sides of the border or even at the zon duty free complex. nice and easy... watch out for sharks in MY don't kena potong...

Be good if some of the posters could learn to spell. I know quite a bit about that area

dangibas's picture

Mostly people are using variations of Asian English and local slang, LAH! lol... But I think you can still get the jist of what people are talking about. Thanks for reading...

I am writing a novel set in Thailand and Malaysia. A portion of the novel is set along Route 4106 - from Bannang Sata down to Betong. Since I cannot yet visit this region I would be grateful for any photos of the route - Dan yours are great - not sure if you still read this Blog. Any help appreciated.

dangibas's picture

Hi Rose, thanks for dropping by. I do have some more recent, better quality photos from this route but I'm not sure if they are much use. Mostly of the Lake region and a stopover at a bridge. I'll upload them here soon...

Good luck with the book :)


Thanks Dan - anything will help since I can only see the area through the eyes of those who've travelled it, for the moment! Best, Rose

dangibas's picture

Here are some photos from a September 2013 trip - the section from Songkhla to Betong on route 4106... I have more high res photos if you need them. The bridge seems to be WW2 era.


Hi Dan,

Come accross your page when checking out for info on roadtrip to Thailand via Grik. Is pretty useful. Good info. We're planning a roadtrip to Trang or maybe then to Krabi mid of March. Hubby suggested to enter via Grik since we gonna spend a nite at my parent's place in Kuala Kangsar. Have you drive up to Trang via Grik? What's the route like? How long does it take? Is there a lot of rest stop that we can stop over for food, drink, fuel etc..because we will be driving with a 2 & 1 year old kiddies.
Hope to hear from you!
Cheers, Liza

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Hi Liza,

Thanks for reading. To go to Trang I'd not recommend going via Grik as it's a much longer way around, it will add at least 4 hours to your trip VS driving over the Bukit Kayu Hitam border. To get to Trang, go to Hat Yai then head West - it's the easiest route.

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By Dan Gibas

Dan Gibas, HYGEN

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