Safe Formula Milk Powder For G6PD Deficiency

Susu kambing merah

Susu Kambing Merah or Red Goats Milk in English is widely available in Malaysia.  It contains 90% dried goats milk with 10% red fruit.  There are no other additives - especially Soy based ingredients which means that the milk is safe for babies with G6PD deficiency.

Goats milk is apparently easier to digest and less fatty than cows milk.  Also according to the pack, it's high in nutrients such as riboflavin and vitamin B2 which apparently are good for enzymes and red blood cells.  This could be an added bonus for babies with G6PD deficiency.

How does it taste?  Not as good as breast milk!  It is drinkable though and should still go down fine in moderation.  My baby girl drinks it as a supplement when breast feeding is not convenient but I don't think she would like it all the time!  Just remember though if your baby has G6PD deficiency that a breast feeding mother must also follow a strict diet and not eat any of the disallowed "trigger" foods or medications because they can be passed to the baby via breastfeeding and cause the condition to worsen.

As far as I know this product is only available in Malaysia, but abroad you can probably find simliar powdered goats milk products.  Here the goats milk sells for about RM 68.00 for 300 grams.  That's about US$20 a pop.


similac hw thats the milk im using wen my baby is lessdan a year now shes 2 yr old dis jan.. gain plus

hi a mom here with a 8 mos old baby with g6pd. her milk is a DG milk, it is a goats milk. you can buy it in mercury drugstore. thank you!

hi,im claire may anak akong 5months and 2weeks old,meron din syang g6pd,breasfeed sya kya lng nahihirapan na akong padedehin sya skin kc kinakagat nya na ako may ipin na kc sya,ano bang pwede kong ipainon saknya? kc hindi n din sya makadede ng maayos skin napapasigaw kc ako sa sakit kapag kinakagat nya ako,sana ung medyo mura lng n instant milk,pleasa reply

baby ko rin may g6pd NaN gatas nya.

Isomil formula pwde sa may g6pd?

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Hi Jen,

You can try and order online. I just checked at Amazon and they have Goats milk... it can be delivered to phils for a small extra fee I guess. Here's the URL:

Did you try large supermarkets to see if they have Goats milk? In emergencies if you can't find safe milk it's ok to use Cows milk - it's just not as healthy - but fine for once in a while :)

hey jen, you can buy n mercury drugs or puregold. look for DG milk. it is dairy goats milk from new zealand. i also use that coz my son also has g6pd. it is a bit expensive though coz it only comes in small can at 475.00php. check it now! :-)

hi , im also a mother of 3mons old he has a g6pd, actually im using it since my pedia is suggesting me .. its a nestle nan hw1 its so expensive but not to think anymore coz were both thinking a good health to our baby... try this.

hi grace, did you try to use DG milk for your baby?
coz my first baby is g6pd deficient too, nan hw1 din ang suggested ng pedia
nya but it's so expensive....
is nan hw1 is best for a g6pd deficient? a mother of 1 month old who also has a g6pd just want to ask if DG milk is still available at the supermarket here in the phillippines? pls message me back. tnx

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Hi Jen,

Sorry I have no idea where to get goats milk in the Philippines, just Malaysia. Have you asked your doctor for advice? Maybe you can contact and meet other parents whose kids have G6PD in your area and get some friendly advice :)

hi i have 1 month old who have g6pd i use s26 plain ..i now worry because it hs soya leticin and i already use it for one month but as read it here i have now an idea.thanks guys continue posting prohibited foods for g6pd patient.godbless

My baby is also g6pd def. At first itried s26 second.enfalac gentle ease and now i'm using hipp organic milk at dto si baby nging comfortable hndi n xa knkbag.

hi..I also using Hipp Organic for my son 2 y/o.nhiyang din ng baby ko yan.. :0 but worry din ako coz it has a vitamin K.

hi thess..
san po kau nakabli ng DG milk na 475.00 lng?kc ako 519.00 bli ko sa mercury and 525.00 sa sm.small can lng po un 400g.

hi thess
san po kau nkabli ng DG milk na 475 lng???kc po 519 sa mercury and 525 sa sm...small can lng po un 400g..

My first baby has G6PD too.. I read all ur msgs guys thankyou for giving me an idea for what is best milk for my baby.

DG Milk Infant Formula 0 - 6 months 400gm only and DG Milk Supplement 6 month to 3 years 400gm and 900gm is available in the Philippines in Mercury Drug and Watsons. =)

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Thanks for the info... we have a few readers in the Philippines :)

hi momtoo,
thanks to your son is 3mos old and still using milk with soyabean oil,thanks now i know what formula milk to buy for him.thanks a lot.
thanks too to all of respondent here.Godbless us especially our babies.:)

I'm a mother of 6 yrs old she also has g6pd. ano po yung mga milk na pwede sa 6yrs old?

Try Promil

Hindi po ba masama ipa vaccines ang baby n my g6pd thanks pls reply mommies

Im a breastfeeding mom, what milk can i drink that is safe for my baby with g6pd?

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Hi there,

As a breastfeeding mum you need to follow the same diet as your baby because your diet becomes your babies diet. For a good list of things you can't have check out the resource here -

What you eat and drink is passed onto baby via breast milk so you need to be careful. It's going to be stressful but just try and get off breast milk as fast as you can so you can start to eat and drink normally again :)

hi im jaymel, i have a baby has a g6pd, my wife she drink a nestle bearbrand milk it safe for baby because my is breesrfeed?pls reply, tnx

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Hi Jaymel, you better ask your doctor. It depends what's in the milk (the ingredients).



my 1st baby is g6pd deficient also.....
is DG milk cheaper than Nanha? same grams (400 grams)

saan po kaau nakabili

hi my baby is 1 month old and has g6pd too. sa confirmatory test niya only o,78 yung enzyme niya. is it so risky? yung pedia ko kasi telling me na okay lang s26 gold ang milk niya.

healthy options here in the philis,.they have goats milk..

helo to all momies:
Im too wory,bcoz i cant aford to buy a best mil for my baby has g6pd. My baby's milk is bona, subrang nag aalala tlga aq. My husband work is maintenance lng kaya d nya kyang supurtahan gatas ng baby namin.

hi anne, how old is your baby? try to check lactum, it's cheaper than s26,nan and infa, but try to check milk's label because time to time some manufacturer add new ingredient(s).

yes, my son is 2y/o with G6PD and i'm giving him Lactum 1-13. . it's soya free

Hi try alacta po. Bona has too much sugar, not really recommended for g6pd deficient babies.
Alacta is not milk based but corn syrup base, which helps more in digestion.

hi im 2yrs old s0n has g6pd c0nfirmat0ry result 1.4 lng ung enzyme nia...ang advice ni d0k it gud t0o?c0z dz milk also c0ntains s0ya lecithin...nka dalawang can palang kami ng gainplus. kc dati bearbrand & alaska.in0 obserbahan q xa,ok naman maliksi xa.late q na narealize wen came back to my pedia,&she warn me ab0ut sa milk ni nag gain plus agad aq...

hi im 9th mos. baby girl ako n my g6pd din....pwede b skanya ang nestle nestogen?kc s hirap ng buhay ngaun mrmi din katulad ko ang hindi makaaford ng khit murang milk formulas?tnx safe b ito?

Hi danilyn tingnan mo ang ingredients ng nestogen kung my soya lecithin xa d po yan pwede

hi dannilyn!! try lactum..much cheaper than enfa and s26..un po gamit qs baby q w/ g6pd defficiency.. Godbless po..

hi im son is 1 month old has g6pd. s26 gamit namin na milk..ok lng ba yun?

We used s26 before the results of the nbs came.. when we visited the pedia she then changed it to enfalac a+. So i guess talk to your pedia about it though.

kung breastfeed ang baby w/ g6pd bawal din ba kumain ang nanay ng mga bawal na pagkain?

i have a 9 month old son having g6pd. I used to feed him by enfapro A+ as my pedis prescribed. Is this formula safe for his condition? Or should I change my formula into DG Suplement? Which formula is more expensive?

Hello po...can you help me po what brand of milk without SOYA content pwde q painum sa son q may G6PD deficiency po cy. he is turning 6 mos dis month po....last week q lng po nalaman na positive cy sa G6PD deficiency tru sa confirmatory test ny

Result po ng test ny is 0.2 U/g Hb ....... di naman po inexplain samin kung taas or kunti lng ang deficiency ny..

Can you help me to understand the result?....thank you po....

DG MILK po ang sabi ng pedia ko. less protein dw kc ang need ng baby with g6pd and of course walang soya.


my baby is G6pd also,,she is 1 yr old.....and i just informed when she was 11months,,, and i'm so nervous about her right now,.and its been almost a year that she taking up ascorbc acid and infant formula with soya...what formula milk is recoomended..

hi im cel,mom 0f 4months baby,my son also has g6pd and his pedia recomend infalac it safe b?thanx a lot more power

is ascorbic acid vitamins safe for my baby who has G6PD?

I belive yes, my baby is taking ceelin vit c since birth now she is 2 yrs old wid g6pd deficiency

yes ceelin is okey

hi im tin. 5months plng baby ko at my g6pd sya. nutrillin at anemifer ang vit nya. un ung bngay nung pedia nya. bonna ung milk nya. nung 4months sya. 7kilo n weight nya. sv ng pedia nya kailngn iwasn lahat ng bawal. tingnan din ntin ung mga dosage ng gmot kasi mas mababa ang bnbgay ng doctor n dosage kapag may g6pdd ung bata. oklng ascorbic acid kasi kailangan din nmn nila ng vit. iwas skit din. mostly dapt may anti-oxidant ung food Nila.
ingat tau s mga ipapa inject s bata . ok nmn vaccination pero ung bawal ung anti malaria na bnbgay s mga bata. bawal n bawal un. pwedeng mg ka internal bleeding ang bata with g6pdd. ung mga ngconfirmatory na. meron silng binbigay na list para s bawal s mga may g6pd . sa UP kasi pina confirmatory ung baby ko. ung about s soya mron g6pd n hndi nag titrigger . mostly kasi fava bean ang pinkabawal kaya laht ng legumes pingbwal n dn. wag po tau mtkot ang dapt mkipagtulungan tau s pedia nila kasi mas my alam sila. God bless po

Hi tin,.just wanna ask 1 month old baby girl has also a g6pdd, wori lng aq kc bonna din kc un milk nia, ee nabasa q comment msg mo na bonna milk ng baby mo na my g6pdd din..ok lng b talaga un??..tnx:)

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Taglish --> English

hi,bonna din yung milk ni baby,ok lng ba talaga?

Hello sis, anung milk ng baby mo ngaun? Baby q kc 4mos plang sa now sa simula palang s26 na tlga milk nya pero ininform q nman pedia nya dhil nga gspd xa sobrang baba tlga sa confirmatory test nya as .o1 na talga... Worried kc aq ngaun dhil ngaun lng tlga aq ngbasa ng label ng s26 which contain soy lecithin pero ok nmn sa pedia nya nung sinabi q yan ang milk namn, pwd ba tlga ung s26? son also have g6pd and his pedia recomend infalac milk just want to know if it safe..and also is it safe to take ascorbic acid vitamins?thank you more power

hi my baby is turning 3 mos..ask q ln g kung safe b ang bona s g6pd positive and wat vitamin ang pwede.worried kasi ako kasi my ubo pls..tnx

hello, i am a father of 6 mons. old baby girl with g6pd. her pedia recommend "sybron" ambroxol hydrochloride for her cough.

my 1month old son also has G6PD, naka 6 cans na kami ng bonna when we found out that he has G6pd. How is it affecting him?

My 2yrs old baby girl has g6pd and since birth she is taking vit c ceelin until now
. Her % rate of g6pd is 7% still high so she can tolerate food with soy ingredients but donot give them
Too much they might cause diarrhea.

Panu nyo po namomonitor ung % ng g6pd nya?

To monitor the % (percentage) need po ng baby mag-pa confirmatory test every 6months

I'm also a mom of a g6pd baby girl too (1 month and 4 days).. Mga mommies don't worry too much as far as I know and according to the forum I read before as long as the milk is not a soy base it's alright. This is the milk list which I note down when reading a forum of mommies like us which their babies have a g6pd too: (as per them) their pedia recommend: enfalac a+, DG Milk, Similac Lactose free, or s26 Lactose free. I am using enfalac a+ now for my baby. :) Hope this can help!

tnx for the info. it realy help to the 1 month old baby girl of my brother,,

Tnx.....4 da adv
ice ...coz my baby take infalac a +....

my son has a g6pd and his pedia recommend hipp organic and efalac a+. for my baby i am using hipp organic.

yes may daughter also is g6pd positive and dr's recommend Hipp Organic...

is hippo orgnic is cheaper than enfalac?my baby is 2mos. old now..

where can i buy a hipp organic?


I am one of moms who really care about g6pd of son. my 1 month old son also has a g6pd and his pedia told me to use hipp organic or enfalac a+. I am using hipp organic now. to all please keep on updating. thanks

Hi, do you have any idea If it is possible that a baby with g6pd would also have a congenital heart defect?

This is the first time I am reading about the Red Goats Milk which is widely available in Malaysia. The nutritious value it has looks impressive, as there are no other additives. I think it is worth trying as it digests fast and has got lesser fat content than cow’s milk. Thanks for such an informative post.

Hi, my baby also have a G6PD. She is 2 months old, before her milk is NAN ONE then we change it to Hipp per her Pedia's advise. This is an organic milk and much safer. For 900g it cost Php1,220 you can buy this in any mercury drugs.

Tanx sa info. I have a 2 months old son may g6pd din siya. Naghahanap ako ngmilk na pwd sa kanya. Salamat sa info ha.

Salamat sa info. My 2months old son who happned to have a g6pd...akala ko d na ako makahanap pa na gatas na pwde mainum na pwd sa may g6pd.

ano po pwedeng gatas sa 6 yrs old na may g6pd?

hi po ...i have son also has g6pd ...and his taking nan pro 1 he is 2 months it safe for baby the nan pro one,it contains soya celithin?or should i change the safe one...plz advice me for better for my son...thank u

hi....ask k lang sana my daughter is turning 6 months old na this coming march 1,, worried lang kasi ako kng okey lang ba sa baby na bonna ang milk nya? she has g6pd also.

thanks & more power

Check m nlang kung may soya yan bawal din ksi ung soya sa may g6pd.

thanks for the comments guys. the baby's having similac HW until now. i found it has soya oils in it. thanks will go for DG :)

hi, it is safe for g6pd to take ceelin vitamins? and what are the safe vitamins for them (with g6pd kid)? her pedia suggest a PROMIL PRESCHOOL, is this safe? coz i think PROMIL PRESCHOOL is also soya base thats why we're so worried.

Hi mommies...
I have 6 months old baby and he have G6pd deficiency too...I used Enfalac A+ since 0-6 months sya then Enfapro A+ ngayon my pedia told me all milk has a soya but only small contain of soya so she told me it's okie to use all milk for the baby that have G6pd.but I will tell to my Pedia about DG milk?because I check Also NAN HW may soya din I I decide to stick Enfa.

Hi mam i have a 1 yr. Old daughter she is also have a g6pd. I just want to ask if lactum milk is oki wit her?

hi my son age is 1 yr old and 9 months now..he always have a rashes after a few days when he eating a avoided food..but sometimes we are not control to feed him.i have a question what is the best formula milk for his age..will you please reply to me.

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Ask a doctor?

Hi! My daughter is 2 years old and 7 months old now. I just want to know if what is the right milk that we can buy for her. she is a g6pd positive too. Hoping for a suggestion. thanks!

My daughter has g6pd too, she is 2mos.old and 7days by now..she consumed almost 5 boxes of 350gm of bonna w/c i become so worried after reading all the messages herewith. For bonna has a soy ingredient. Atleast all of the moms who shared their experience thought me a lot on what are those milk we shld. Use.. But still we need to seek pedias advise..
I have another question:
***I been using baby oil for her and aceite de manzanilla, does those things affect her in the future? Pls. Message me..

my daughter is also g6ph and nan hw is not good for her so i try HIPP from cow's milk improted from germany but is available in the philippines. its expensive 900g is 1164.00.

you can try it.

Helo...ung milk lng n wlang soybean oil is ung nan h.w....ang soya products kc ang isa s mga bwal s mga g6pd positve...meron nman kaung mddownload s internet n list ng mga bawal n fuds, medcine, at iba p...

Helo...ung milk lng n wlang soybean oil is ung nan h.w....ang soya products kc ang isa s mga bwal s mga g6pd positve...meron nman kaung mddownload s internet n list ng mga bawal n fuds, medcine, at iba p...

wala ngang soya ung nan hw peo hindi nhiyang baby ko..imbes na mag gain xa ng weight bumaba yong timbang nya kya pinalitan ko ng frisolac 1..may soy lithicin yon..ok lang po ba yun

Hi! my son has g6pd it is good for him s26-gold. Also i been using johnson baby oil & aceite de manzanilla safe po ba ito? He is 2 mos. pls message me. thank you

bawal po sa knya ang acete de mansanilla and also efficasent oil or ung mga maymenthol..d q lng po alam if bawal ang baby oil..may g6pd din baby q lng nalaman ung result ng confirmatory nya.

Hi! My son is turning 6 mos tom and he is a G6PD baby also with a 68%. At first exclusively breastfeeding kami but now i need to mix feed him coz my milk supply is decreasing. I started to give him 2 oz of Lactum infant milk for 6-12 mos last night.I ask his pedia and told me its ok even though the milk contains a % of soybean. I just want to make sure if its really ok/safe for my baby to drink this milk?

Thanks in advance

DG goats milk is available in most mercury drugstores in metro manila. Not all pedias are aware of it. Present formulation of NAN HWs are now soy lecithin free. Almost all regular milk formulas contains small amount of soy lecithin

anung gatas po ang pwede sa may g6pd na baby at kng anu po ang vitamins na pwede sa baby tnx po

for vitamins look for folart(folic acid) and polynerve both are available in mercury drug. im unable to recommend infant formula asim looking for one as well since my son is g6pd deficient.

any milk will do. my son is also G6PD Deficient. my pedia told me that it's ok to give Nestogen (since my son used to it and it's the cheapest) as long as there are no complications happen.. but you should still avoid foods and drugs which may trigger hemolysis or anemia.

hi.. im mj from philippines.. i'm a father of a 1 month old baby boy w/ g6pd ..
anyone here has a list of ( MILK BRANDS ) that is safe for a G6PD positive???
cheapest price is much better..

hi my daughter also has G6PD she is one yr old now. shes taking LACTUM 1-3 PLAIN no soya lecithin but i am worried coz it has a VITAMIN K and ascorbic acid which is need to avoid for taking it... any one can tell me if this milk is safe for my baby i am observing my baby if there are symptoms for allergy or any symptoms for Hving a G6PD. tnx

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Hi rex, you need to ask a doctor your questions.

Is nutrilin and ceelin drops safe for babies with g6pd def.?

hi,im claire may babay din ako n may g6pd,5months and 2weeks n sya,ano bng pwedeng instant milk n pwede kong ipainom skanya kc may ipin n sya kinakagat nya ako sobrang sakit,kaya napapasigaw ako hindi tuloy sya makadede ng maayos,eh worried na ako para sknya kc piramdam ko pumapayat n sya.,tanong ko lng ung enfalac ba oky un o mas maganda b ung DG milk,alin ba ang best dyan at syempre ung abot kaya...

my son also has a g6pd he is now 2yrs and 6mos his pedia recommend enfagrow lactose free and bio vita for his vitamins..i hope can help this to you...

lactum po try nyo mas mura at walang soy lecithin safe sa may g6pd..

What milk would be best for a 4 yr old G6PD kid? We are trying to change my nieces' milk from enfagrow lactose free since she's already 4, but she vomitted and had fever when we change her formula. Any suggestions? Thanks

hi ask ko lg po,safe po ba ang bonna milk for my son,he is 3 mnths old.ang he has g6pd.please reply po.tnx

is bonna milk safe for my baby?he is 3 mnths old,ang he has g6pd.nid help pls..thnx

Hi Everyone!My first born son is g6pd positive..i'm glad to bump up this site which help me a lot reading all your helping tips regarding what infant formula best for g6pd positive..i already consulted my pedia and he recommends me NAN HW1. i used it for about 5 months but,since this is too expensive and as read all the messages here i decided to shift my son's milk which ever is the cheapest. Thank you all mommies..

Hi.ang pangalawang baby ko sabi ng doctor ay may g6pd. 1 year and 3 months na sya ngayon ng pina confirm namin.
pinaconfirm namin sa medical city at ito ang result 3.95 positive ba na meron syang g6pd? salamat po.

hi ang second baby ko ay may g6pd sabi ng doctor. pin confirm namin sa medical city at ito ang result 3.95 positve sya sa g6pd. 1 and 3 months sya ng pinaconfirm namin last april

Hi. My first child is also a g6pd deficient. First 3 months hiyang siya sa NAN sensitive which is soybean free. Ng mag 4 months na siya ayaw na niya lasa ng NaN sensitive. Bumaba weight niya. Pinaltan ng Isomil which is may soybean oil. 2 weeks lang namin napadede si baby kasi kinakabahan kami baka ma mental retarted. So nag switch kami sa nan hw na hypoallergenic pero hndi rin ny gusto ang lasa. After 1 month underweight n siya. May nakapagsabi sa mother in law ko na HIpp nga daw advisable. So hipp gamit ny ngayon ok naman ang poo poo niya dito pero after 1 month ng pagdede niya dito underweight padin siya nagkaiba lang gusto ny lasa nito. So balak ko i try na DG milk today. Nakaka kaba lang pag ganito ang case niya maselan pero very thankful naman kami kasi masigla katawan ny at malikot!!!!

Hi... My baby is now 1 year and 4mos. old.. Before, his milk is Nan HW, because it doesn't contain any soya.. I now switched him to Similac Gain Plus 1-3yrs old. because I didn't find any soya in its ingredients as posted at the label and he's less appetite on Nan HW since it has no flavor. But when I searched its ingredients on internet, it states Vegetable Oils,including Soya Oil. His pediatrician says that soy contents in milk is just minimal, so we should not worry. However, as I read too on some internet blogs about G6PD that some doctors/pediatrician have no enough knowledge about G6PD... And any food with SOYA Content shall be a "NO-NO". I'm still worried about my baby, though his body has no certain reaction yet.. because G6PD babies/even they grow old shall be managed well.

Hi! I have a baby he just turn 1 last month...i am breastfeeding him but since my milk isn't enough for his demand and his weight is dropping I then consulted his pedia and she decided that i gave him LACTUM 1-3 yo as i mixed fed him..but now i am so worried that he develops jaundice since he takes the milk...i would like to ask anyone that has already tried the goats milk if it does not have any gastric adverse reaction to their child taking it?...and this DG milk? this tested already by some of you parents?..does your baby gains weight after taking this?..please i need a reply and thank you in advance..

My baby is 4 mos. Old and has G6pd too...i think she's having diarrhea.her poo contains something that looks like tiny bits of undigested milk and a bit wet.also, yellow in color.would this mean that she's lactose intolerant.i wnted to switch her to nestogen.since this is a lot more cheaper.the same with bonna which she's nestogen ok? Thank you in advance.

hi i have baby with g6pd. im looking infant milk for him. what milk is can be for him and also cheap. ? thanks

hi mommies...NAN H.W is good formula,my baby is turning 2 years old this coming October..but 2 months until 7 month ng breastfeed Ako but since I'm planning to going to my work,my baby pedia told mag alternative na Ako ng formula Kasi binigay Nya Dati Enfalc A+ she doesn't even know the milk na walang soya then thank you Sa site na to Kasi since then nalaman ko na NAN HW is walang soya yon n pina milk ko Sa baby ko, so far okie nman Sa kanya yong NAN H.W until now yon parin ang milk Nya yon Lang Kasi nakikita ko suit for him since positive sya in G6PD try Ako ng pedia sure for 1 month pero Ayaw Nya din.. Kaya even though medyo expensive para Kay baby okie Lang, to make sure that he/she's fine..

Hello fellow mothers! I also have a son with g6pd and he is 9 months now. Un first milk niya is s26, then nun ng 6months pinalitan ng pedia nya ng Promil pero hindi sya hiyang kasi unti lng un nadagdag na weight so pinalitan ng enfalac gentleease kasi un poops nya is matigas sa promil so pinalitan n ulit ng enfamil2 ng pedia nya. Concern ko is un vitamins, safe b un ceelin at profan sa baby na may g6pd dahil un ang vitamins ng baby ko ngaun. before cherifer pro pinalitan din kasi ndi masyadong nadagdagan un weight nya. Sa dami ng food na bawal sa may G6pd, hindi sila pwede basta basta kumain sa mga restaurant kpg malaki n sila at kpg may isip na, kailangan silang sbhan sa mga pgkain n bawal nilang kainin lalo n kpg ng aaral na sila, un mga food sa canteen at sa iba pang kainan. Let's pray always na maging healthy lahat ng may g6pd at pagpray ntn na ndi sila makakain ng mga bawal. God bless us all.

Hi baby is now 1 month and 14days and is G6PD positive, we had his confirmatory result last week it's only 1.18 yung UHG count niya. Sa friday ko pa ma ipabasa sa pedia ko. Tanong ko lang for those whose baby na may g6pd din, ano gamit nyo milk? as of now gamit ko s26 nag gain weight nman sya. Gusto ko lang din malaman any idea na best milk for g6pd na affordable lang din at maka help sa defeciency. I read lahat ng articles about g6pd and it's about sa enzyme na mag gegenerate ng red cells, mahina yung enzyme na yun kaya hindi masyado maka produce or function ng red cells. Natatakot kasi kami ng asawa ko lalo na uso DENGUE ngayon, GOD forbid just in case magkaroon ng ganito mababa na nga yung red cells, hindi nga maka pag function na mag produce ng red cells paano pa kaya kung magkasakit na needed ang red cells like yung Dengue..
Hope meron naman sanang gamot to produce or regenerate more red cells, kasi sa nabasa ko maraming bawal sobrang iron at vit c bawal din..ano nalang ibigay natin sa baby :( Aside sa iwas sa mga maka cause or trigger any advise po para sa g6pd? nakaka awa naman si baby hindi makakain ng kahit ano, gusto pa naman nating tumaba at malusog :(
Thank you po.

hell po. ask ko lang an0 magandang gatas para sa anak ko 5m0nths en 2wiks pa lang po sya s26 ung gatas nya pero d mataba
anu po kya ung pwd po namin ipain0m na gatas? ndi po kc sya breastfeed. parang piling q po maliit sya e. help naman po thanks godbless everyone .

hi mga mommys may baby dn akong g6pd positive 1year old na sya ngayon ask ko lng if anung milk ang pwede kong ibgay sa kanya, sakin sya dumedede pero hindi na sapat ang gatas ko kaya gusto ko syang ialternate anu kayang pwede kong ibgay sa kanya na milk and vitamins thank you!!!

Helloo mga mommies,ask ko lang po sana kung pwede po b n milk sa g6pd positive yung H.W 1 .salamat po.

Hello po..I'm a mom of 1mos old baby boy positive din po siya sa g6pd 0.41 po ang result sa confirmatory test niya..ask ko lng po high po ba'to o mababa LNG??

Pwd po ba ang tiki-tiki sa may g6pd??
Nestogen po gatas niya kaso may soya lecithin po po ba ang lactum para sa baby ko??

..any advice po .thankz

hello out there!! my son is 4months na at ung pedia niya ang suggest is NAN pero masyadong mahal.. sana my LIST of formula milk n best for my son with g6pd ung di masyadong mahal..

My g6pd ung baby ko at 1yr old na xa ngaun ung pinapainom kung vit. Is ferlin,, om lngkaya un? Un kasi ang sabi ng nag.orient sa amin about do's and dont's sa mga bata na may g6pd.

hi poh my baby is 1yr and 4months positive din sa g6pd,minsan umiinom sya nang lactum ok lang poh ba..please reply, thank you

Hi. Need some advice its my first baby boy he had g6pd and the result from his confirmatory id .15 im so worried about it and I don't know what to do. Totoo bang magiging retarded yong baby? Please what to do... ayaw nya mag breast milk.saken so binibigyan ko siya ngayon ng.nan optipro milk. Okay lang po ba un?


Hi im new here.. I have two kids has g6pd eldest boy 4 yrs old and baby girl 4 months worried for my eldest kasi lahat s ng bawal kinakain nya...pwede bang ipaulit yong confirmatory sa g6pd nya kahit walang request form from the hospital? Pls. Help me kung ano magandang gawin. Tnx.God bless our ba

Hello mga mummies need ko opinion nyo my baby is 1 year and 8 months na, gatas nya is enfagrow lactose free kc may prob. Sya sa tummy nya so today nagpalit ako ng lactum i felt bad kc tapos nya dede tae na sya masama pa nuon basa, mahal kc masyado ang enfagrow lactose free mabiga5 na sa bulsa naghahanap ako ng mura lng na gatas na angkop sa kanya so worried now gusto nya ang milk nauubos nya problem is nagtatae sya please need your help anong gatas ba pede sa kanya ala din pa pera ngayon para pumunta ng pedia

Helo mga mummies need ko opinion nyo my son is 1year and 8months enfagrow lactose free milk nya kc may prob nga sya sa tummy nya today nagpalit ako ng lactum kc masyado ng mabigat sa bulsa ang enfagrow lactose free tumaba son ko but im so worried kc 2 bottles of milk palang ng lactum 3x n sya tumae at basa please need your advice wala din kami pera ngayon para pumunta ng pedia anong milk ba ang dapat sa baby ko baka bumaba timbang nya if lagi syang Natae every feed

hello. mother din po ako ng may g6pd. 9
months old na sya but sad to say hindi ko
pa rin sya nai papaconfirmatory.. according to
his pedia.. yes maraming bawal but pwedeng
ibigay ang mga yun sa kanya if necessary.. as of
nag papabreastfeed ako pero kapag may budget
nabilo ako ng lactum yun nga lang maliit lang..
and kumakain din ako ng mga bawal kasi naisip ko
kawaw kami pareho kung sobra ko idedyeta sarili
ko.. pero iniiwas ko sya bigyan ng may soya.. last
month lang nagkonsulta ulit ako sa pedia nya kasi
napansin ko na namumutla sya.. according to him
i have to give my son those foods which are rich in
iron para hindi sya mamutla.meaning kahit yung mga
bawal basta rich in iron eh dapat kong ipakain..
wag daw ako umasa sa mga nabibili sa mga drug store
wala raw mas safe kundi natural na pagkain...

My baby 2months old,at may g6pd din sys anung best formula milk pwede sa knya..thank you po. God bless

Hi thess . my baby has a G6PD too . she's 1month and 10days old now . tanong KO lang kung pede ba sa 1month old ung dairy goats milk na cnasabi mo ? And maganda ba sya ? Kindly reply to my message . thank you

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