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HYGEN LCMS E-Learning Platform

HYGEN E-Learning Solutions
The HYGEN LCMS (learning Content management System) is a fully featured E-Learning platform.

The HYGEN E-Learning Platform offers exceptional creative control enabling teachers and admin staff to fully embed their learning platform into the school's working practices and tailor it to the needs of their school.

Check out some of the HYGEN E-Learning Platform's features:

  • PHP Power Flash:
    This is our unique E-Learning content delivery system - it can display course contents with a friendly Flash animated character, play Mp3 format audio voice overs and even supports any language as a translation or multiple languages! Creating custom RLO's (reusable learning objects) is a breeze using our web based interface to PHP Power Flash.
  • Output Learning Modules:
    HYGEN's output learning modules enable you to quickly and easily create and manage multiple choice questions to test your learners.

Discover more features and why your organization should use the HYGEN LCMS platform for your E-Learning requirements - request a live presentation & demo.

HYGEN LCMS Course Builder

e-learning character
The course builder empowers teachers with the tools to quickly and easily create courses featuring rich interactive content. All a teacher has to do is log in and start creating! All from the ease and comfort of the web browser.

  • Animated characters - Choose from a huge library of animated characters for presenting your courses.
  • Dynamic backgrounds - Set your courses in a class room, office, out doors or almost anywhere you like using our library of course backgrounds.
  • Customize your course delivery design. Using our library of buttons and borders, teachers can easily customize the design of the courses.
  • Create course content online by entering text (in any language, or simply upload an Excel spreadsheet to create courses.
  • Add multimedia such as audio files and video directly to your course content
  • Add documents such as PDF, spread sheets, PowerPoint and Word documents to content for students consumption
  • Online testing - Create unlimited online tests with unlimited complexity.
  • Multiple choice library - Use our existing library of multiple choice questions or create your own quickly and easily from your admin area.

Find out more about the Course Builder and the HYGEN LCMS platform - request a live presentation & demo.

Screen Shots & Introduction To Features For Students

The following images are actually taken from a live deployment of the HYGEN E-Learning Platform and show some of the features available to students who use the system.

For more information on the features available to teachers and administrators please contact us for a presentation.

E-Learning Course Contents Menu

hygen elearning course contents

Students are presented with a clear and concise menu where they can select their courses and lessons.

E-Learning Course Content Delivery

hygen elearning course delivery

PHP Power Flash handles all of the course content delivery, including course titles, lesson numbers, forward, back and replay functions, MP3 format audio and multilingual course text. An animated character and various background sets help maintain student interest.

E-Learning Options

hygen elearning options

The E-Learning options page is where students can choose their native language and change font color and size settings to suit their preferences.

Online Dictionary Module

hygen elearning dictionary

The online dictionary is always at hand to help students. The dictionary module loads results from several databases including the Oxford Comprehensive English Language Dictionary.

Students Forums

hygen elearning students forums

E-Learning gives rise to the power of student collaboration from any where at any time. Students can log in and discuss subjects in the forums - even teachers can add posts and comments. The forums are closed to students and teachers only - so they are secure and easy to moderate.

My Account - Manage Profile

hygen elearning manage profile

Students can change their password, upload a profile photo and manage their profile.

Error Reporting

hygen elearning error reporting

From time to time due to the vast quantities of E-Learning material errors can turn up in the actual content. For this reason a quick and easy error reporting tool can send a message to an administrator detailing the issue.