SEO & SEM Solutions

The following SEO services are provided as part of every website package as standard.

  • Analysis, review and assessment of targeted keywords for your content.
  • Full technical optimization of site structure to insure search engine spiderability and increased content priority in search engine listings.
  • Optimization of web page titles and (X)HTML meta tags.
  • Optimization of content. Getting the most relevent content on each page and making it easily accessible in organized sections.
  • Manual search engine submissions, which are normally regarded better than automated submissions.

Additional SEO Services

Link building is provided as an extra service and you can consider it an add on option when we are building your website. Link building is done according to your choice of keywords which you would like to rank well for in the search engines. Link building is critical for the online marketing of your website.

As an example, if you desire your website to be in the top 10 results for "UK Something"; "Something In The UK"; "Something London" and "Something Services In London" then we will target incoming links and match content so that searches for the phrases will display your website as well as possible in the search results.