Bespoke W3C Standards Compliant Web Design Services

Web standards are agreed upon by groups such as the W3C to improve the quality, speed and accessibility (to name a few aims) of websites on the Internet. We are dedicated to developing & conforming with the latest web standards. For more information on web standards, please read this article.

We provide 100% original, creative designs for your web projects. Our designs are hand coded without the use of cumbersome editors. Every line of code is double checked to make sure it is optimal. We design with the following priorities at all times...

  • Accessibility: The web pages have to function regardless of the visitors web browser type, operating system etc. The designs must be usable by people with disabilities and flexible to change with users preferences (font sizes, colors etc).
  • Light Weight: We code web designs to be light weight so that they load as fast as possible with as few images and JavaScript as possible. We code in the latest XHTML & CSS standards without the use of tables. We believe design is achieved primarily through coding and not image editing. Our tests have shown on several re-makes of existing sites that we can decrease file sizes by 100% to 200%; improve loading speeds by 100% to 200% or more; decrease bandwidth and server loads by at least 150% to 250%. All of these improvements and the designs still look better than the originals with improved response times and functionality.
  • Usability - User Experience: Most people surfing the net are impatient and click through dozens of sites before deciding to part with any money or do business in any way over the internet. We make sure that your sites visitors enjoy the time they spend on your site and are never harassed by poor response times, poor navigation, poor layout or pop-up windows.